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Assure performance and security

  • The Property network is designed and managed to deliver optimal wireless connectivity
  • Each Resident gets credentials for their own 'Personal Network' on the Property network
  • Each Personal Network is private and connections are encrypted

Provide property-wide connectivity*

  • Residents can connect to their Personal Network anywhere there is WiFi signal on the Property
  • Example: Resident can be at the pool and print in their unit
    *Currently available only for Spectrum Fiber WiFi

Enable residents to self-manage devices

  • Residents can connect and authenticate any wireless device on their Personal Network through the Device Management Portal

Control & Safeguard network access

  • Visitors access the separate property-wide Guest Network; Residents don’t have to share their Personal Network credentials
  • Property Managers control credential availability:
    • Issue new credentials for new residents
    • Terminate credentials for residents that move
    • Suspend credentials to enforce property business practices
    • Floorplan


  • WPA2 Encryption
  • AAA Radius Credential Management
  • VLAN Compartmentalization
  • Separate Guest SSID

Managed WiFi Tutorials

Property Health Portal
Monitor your network’s health

Device Management Portal
Manage your personal network

Credential Management Portal
Have full control of your building’s Internet

Remote Controls

Product Image

View information on how to program the
Spectrum remote, including all device codes.

Spectrum HD Receivers

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View information on Spectrum HD Receivers,
including user manuals and troubleshooting tips.

DTA activation support

MDU Bulk Customers: If you have DTAs, you can now activate them with our automated IVR system. Click on the images on the right to download your DTA Quick Start Guide and the activation instructions for the type of DTA you have at your complex.

In order to complete this activation, you'll need a list of all your resident account numbers.