Want happy residents? Get speeds starting at 1 Gbps with Spectrum Fiber WiFi

85% of residents surveyed said that fast broadband increases their satisfaction.*

Attract more residents and build loyalty with Spectrum Fiber WiFi. It's simple to manage, safe & reliable to use, and easy to install out of sight. When residents log in, they enjoy a blazing-fast, seamless and secure Internet experience from anywhere on-site.

Explore the benefits of Spectrum Fiber WiFi:

  • Consistent enterprise level performance
  • Professionally installed and managed
  • Secure Personal Network for each resident
  • Separate Property Guest network
  • Property-wide coverage
  • Service active on move-in date
  • Spectrum maintains and manages entire network
  • 24/7 US-based resident support
  • Residents can watch shows and movies on their devices with TV Everywhere

It's easy for your residents to stay connected with Spectrum Fiber WiFi

Spectrum's Personal Network feature enables residents to securely access their WiFi anywhere on your property – even in the gym, at the pool, or in laundry facilities.

Your residents can connect all their devices and access high speed WiFi anywhere, with ease

Charter Spectrum Fiber WiFi delivers the fastest, most powerful connection. That means enough speed and range for your residents to stream and game, no matter where they are.

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