Videos are no longer just something you put on YouTube or your company’s website. You can now create personalized video emails for customers or prospects and deliver them right to their inbox. In fact, one PC maker found that five times more people opened emails with personalized videos compared to non-personalized emails.


Several applications, including Covideo, Viewed and OneMob, now let businesses easily record personalized videos using a computer, tablet or smartphone and then email them to clients.


But if you try personalized video email marketing, first know the basics of doing it effectively. Here are tips for creating them for your business:


Know the types

There are two main types of video email that businesses should consider. One entails recording videos customized to individual recipients, including addressing those recipients by name and directing the entire message toward them. The other entails creating a prerecorded video message simulating a one-on-one presentation or conversation. This sort of video can be emailed to one or 1,000 recipients and, even in high volumes, create a more intimate connection between sender and recipient than standard text-only emails.


Use them appropriately

You wouldn’t want to use video email all the time—as not every email communication is worthy of it. But consider what types of messages lend themselves to video marketing. Maybe you want to guide customers on a timely topic using visuals; perhaps you want to send an annual “thank you” video to show appreciation.


“It’s about conveying face, voice, personality, subtlety, nuance, emotion, gratitude sincerity, concern, frustration—all those things that are hard to communicate with digital channels,” says Ethan Beute, vice president of marketing for video email marketing software BombBomb. “It blends the efficiency of electronic communication with the warmth of your face and personality.”


Keep them simple

Don’t overcomplicate the videos with too many topics. Keep the messages concise, focused and preferably under a few minutes long. “We hear from customers that their simplest videos generally procure the best response,” Beute says.


Be friendly and positive

When recording a video, maintain an upbeat demeanor—as the tone of your video will reflect on you and your business. “Smile before you record and during your recording,” Beute says.


Don’t crowd the camera

“If you can, step back,” he says. Putting some space between you and the lens helps the recipient feel relaxed and more receptive to the message.


Don’t script—but do practice

You’re likely to sound robotic if you write a detailed script of what you plan to say in your video, Beute adds. Consider that creating a personalized video is not that much different from leaving someone a voicemail, as you don’t want to sound rehearsed or too formal. That said, you should have a general outline or plan for what you’re going to say and practice it before you record the video. “Practice builds confidence, and confidence builds success,” Beute says.


Write an intro and call to action

Keep it brief, but write a short intro email that encourages the recipient to view the video and gives them a sense of what they’ll be watching. Also include a call to action—how they can get in touch with you, or what they should do to act on the information you provided in the video.


Ultimately, personalized video emails can help your messages stand out in overflowing in-boxes and give you a unique way to communicate with customers and prospects.




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