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Block Outbound Caller ID

Forward All Calls

Block Unwanted Callers

Block Anonymous Calls

Block International Calls

Caller ID on TV

It's your own personal answering service. Now callers can leave messages when your line is busy, you're away from home, or you just can't make it to the phone. When you hear a stutter dial tone, it means you have a new message.

Bypass your voicemail and forward incoming calls to a designated number instead so you never miss important calls when you're away from home.

Assign distinctive rings and call waiting tones to as many as 30 priority callers so you can identify them without checking caller ID.

Repeat Dialing automatically redials a busy number for you and then notifies you when that number is no longer busy so you can get through.

Don’t miss calls while you're away from home. Choose up to five additional numbers to ring when you receive incoming calls.

With Caller ID, any incoming caller's phone number and name, if available, are displayed on a caller ID unit before you answer the call.

Reject callers whose Caller ID information is hidden or blocked. Callers will receive a message that you're not accepting Caller ID Blocked calls and will be advised to unblock their number and try their call again.

Limit incoming calls to people whose numbers you specify and route all other incoming calls – except Blocked Callers – to your voicemail.

Receive an audio file and full text transcription of a voicemail message via email.

You can add a backup phone number to forward calls to in the event your service is unavailable.

Don't miss a call just because you're on the phone. With Call Waiting, a soft tone will alert you when another person is calling. Go back and forth between the 2 calls as many times as you'd like while keeping both conversations private.

Never miss a call from someone important. You can choose up to 30 phone numbers to have forwarded to a designate number.

No need to memorize phone numbers when you can program up to 8 numbers for fast, one-digit dialing.

This feature allows you to automatically call back the last received incoming call. This service only applies to local calls and doesn't work for calls that have been forwarded or for calls from 800 or 900 numbers.

Block unwanted calls from telemarketers, political parties and other blacklisted robo-callers. School closings and medical appointment confirmations will be allowed through.

When you're on the phone and someone else is calling, it's nice to know who it is. Call Waiting with Caller ID allows you to see who's calling and you can decide whether or not to answer it.

Select up to 30 phone numbers to block and automatically route them to a polite message stating that calls are not being accepted at this time.

Speak to two different parties at the same time. Or, place one party on hold while you speak privately to the other and then return to the 3-Way call.

See who's calling while you're watching TV. The name and phone number will appear on screen.

If you do not want to take calls at the moment, Do Not Disturb allows you to block all incoming calls.

Block all outgoing international calls.

Hide your phone number from the party you are calling. "Private" or "anonymous" will appear on the recipient's phone display.

In you receive a harassing or threatening call, you can initiate call trace. You can only trace your most recent incoming call. Information collected on traced calls will be released to a law enforcement agency only.

Block all incoming collect calls.

Avoid missing calls when you're on the phone. Forwarded them to a specified number or voicemail.

Forward incoming calls to voicemail or another number – immediately or after a chosen number of rings.

Block 3rd parties from charging calls to your home phone number.

Block all outgoing calls to 900/976 phone numbers.

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