its OC16

Local people and places

100% original, 100% local programming only available on OceanicTV Channel 12, 1012 (HD) and at OC16 On Demand, Channel
14, 1014 (HD) and OC16 Interactive Channel 13, 1013 (HD). Oceanic customers can also view OC16 online at OC16.TV.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on OC16:
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its XCast

Two channels of high school sports

XCast -

All High School Sports, All the Time!

Now catch even more high school sports with XCast on
Channel 20, 1020 (HD)! Enjoy watching 2 games at once or
switch to full-screen of the game of your choice. Plus, check
out the ticker to see what’s coming up live on XCast and OC16.

Visit to start watching your favorite high school sports now!