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How Spectrum Delivers 99.9% Network Reliability

Now more than ever, reliable Internet is essential to how you work, play and live. Internet reliability depends on many factors and, as an informed consumer, it’s important to understand what that means. 

Read on to learn more about what factors are taken into consideration when determining Spectrum’s 99.9% network reliability. 

Network Reliability Determination

The network you’re on matters. And even with Spectrum’s 99.9% network reliability, there are very rare cases where Internet service is briefly disrupted. You should understand how we determine reliability and the nature of potential service interruptions that can happen.

A graphic of digital icons conveying the idea of network reliability

Measuring Reliability

With Spectrum’s Internet reliability, we measure the percentage of time on average that the Spectrum network is ready for operation under normal circumstances within a given month.

A Spectrum employee working on a cable line

Demand Maintenance

Reliability can be impacted by any unscheduled event where the network had to be taken down to restore service – and can be called demand maintenance. This includes damaged cable/connector, vandalism, new construction, construction repair, node optimization and backup power source failure.

A Spectrum service technician on the the job

Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure the Spectrum network operates smoothly, scheduled maintenance occurs when the network will need to be taken down for reasons such as network testing and preventative maintenance. Typically, this is scheduled between a 12AM – 6AM maintenance window to minimize impact on customers.

A Spectrum service technician using a laptop

Other Disruptions

There may also be non-power or maintenance-related events that can cause disruptions, including damaged cable/connector, cleared headend/HUB problem, trap installed/left door tag, vandalism, new construction, construction repair, optimization, EOL testing and field tech CLI fix.

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Other Outage Factors

At times there are outages beyond the control of Spectrum. These are not included in the reliability calculation.

Icon of lightning bolt

These are considered “Acts of God” which cause damage to the company’s infrastructure and cause outages to Spectrum Internet residential customers.

Icon of fiber cable
Fiber Cuts

Any outside construction that inadvertently cuts Charter fiber lines can cause outages to Spectrum Internet residential customers.

Icon of power outage
Commercial Power Outages

This includes any event related to a commercial power outage caused by a utility company.