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Spectrum – The #1 Provider for Reliable Internet in Rural Areas

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Getting access to high-speed Internet has been a longstanding challenge for folks living in rural areas. Because high-speed Internet usually requires laying miles of cable or similarly difficult operations, Internet options in the countryside can be sparse and expensive.

The question is, if you live in a rural area, what high-speed Internet options are available to you, and which should you choose? 


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Internet for Rural Areas, Spectrum’s Solutions

When looking for the best rural Internet, there are several factors to consider:


First, make sure the Internet provider you are interested in offers coverage in your area. Fixed wireless Internet providers, like Verizon and T-Mobile, might make lofty claims about speed and coverage, but that type of connection must be transmitted from a cell tower within 10 miles of your home or a small cell node under a mile away. If you live in a rural or remote area, this might not be a realistic option for you. 

Coverage & Speed

You’ll also want consistent coverage for a fast, reliable connection. Fixed wireless providers often limit their “5G” Home Internet customers’ speed and/or bandwidth depending on how much traffic runs through a single cell tower or node at a given time.

On the other hand, Spectrum Internet® delivers the most reliable download speeds within the Spectrum network. Powered by a fiber-rich broadband network, Spectrum offers download speeds up to 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary). Plus, Spectrum doesn’t cap your data.

Why Choose Spectrum for Rural Internet?

To help those without access to Internet, Spectrum has a mission of expanding broadband Internet to rural parts of the nation. With a multiyear effort, we are further building out our network to more than 1 million unserved customer locations. It’s a big part of why Spectrum is the #1 provider for reliable Internet in rural areas.

From coast to coast, Spectrum offers high-speed, reliable Internet. With speeds from up to 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps, the majority of the nation can count on Spectrum to deliver quality coverage that expands beyond just the big cities. Not to mention there are no contracts or hidden fees with Spectrum.

Find out if Spectrum provides Internet in your area to get connected by the largest and fastest-growing rural Internet provider in the nation. 

FAQ About Rural Internet

Spectrum offers a secure, reliable and fast wired broadband Internet connection that is powered by a fiber-rich network. Options for rural Internet include wired broadband, satellite and fixed wireless Internet. 

Availability, consistent coverage, and speed are the most important factors when choosing a rural Internet provider. Spectrum has a 41-state service area and is building out its network to provide high-speed Internet for more than 1 million currently unserved customer locations. 

To boost home Internet in any location Spectrum serves, Spectrum has multiple options. Spectrum Advanced WiFi provides a faster, safer connection on WiFi for every connected device in your network, and Spectrum WiFi Pods increase the strength and range of WiFi coverage throughout the home – making Spectrum a great choice if you want better WiFi for rural areas and beyond.


Make the right choice with Spectrum Internet®, delivering speed and reliability you can count on. Shop our best deals now.

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