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Spectrum Advanced WiFi: Secure, Reliable Home WiFi


Gain Complete Control Over Your WiFi

Secure your home WiFi network, increase speeds and control device access with Spectrum Advanced WiFi.

  • Enhanced network security for more protection with Security Shield

  • Auto-optimized connectivity supports speeds up to 1 Gbps

  • Easily managed through the My Spectrum App

Spectrum Advanced WiFi

Or FREE for 12 mos with Spectrum One

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Get a Faster, Safer Connection

Spectrum Advanced WiFi is the simple solution to enjoy a faster, more secure WiFi connection for every device in your home WiFi network.

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Spectrum Advanced WiFi automatically optimizes your WiFi to provide the best connection for each device. Plus, Spectrum Mobile customers are eligible for Speed Boost with compatible Advanced WiFi equipment.

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Gain extra protection with Security Shield to keep online threats like viruses and malware at bay, including Smart Device Protection and Secure Browsing.

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Manage and control your in-home WiFi network from anywhere with the My Spectrum App. You even get alerts when new devices join your network.

Elevate Your Connection

Spectrum Advanced WiFi takes your in-home WiFi to the next level. Here’s what it delivers:

Complete Coverage

Advanced WiFi is designed to provide complete coverage over your home WiFi network, ideal for families and any household with multi-device users.

Powered by breakthrough WiFi technology, your devices will always be on the fastest connection available. 

For larger homes or those with dead spots, add Spectrum WiFi Pods to expand WiFi coverage based on your needs. 

Security Shield

Get extra protection to keep your personal information safe from malware and scams. Security Shield monitors your Internet traffic and blocks threats before they even reach you.

Secure Traffic blocks communication between your devices and scammers. Security Shield also features Smart Device Protection and Outbound DoS Prevention to safeguard your entire network.

Secure Browsing prevents you from visiting harmful websites, including sites that spread malware or use phishing tactics to steal your data.

Network Management

Manage your in-home WiFi network from anywhere with the My Spectrum App. It's a better way to control your network. 

Control who’s connected by managing devices connected to your network, plus assign device nicknames and group devices as needed.

Receive connected device notifications, easily access advanced settings and automatically switch between 2.4GHz to 5GHz networks for bandwidth optimization.

Better for Your Home

Advanced WiFi keeps your home network secure with the speed and reliability you depend on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrum Advanced WiFi gives you improved Internet performance with added safety and protection from online threats. The Advanced WiFi router also gives you a better way to manage your in-home WiFi network from anywhere using the My Spectrum App.

Spectrum Advanced WiFi is just $7 a month when bundled with Spectrum Internet. You can also save even more with Spectrum One, which gives you Spectrum Internet plus FREE Advanced WiFi and a FREE Unlimited Mobile line – all for one incredible price.

With Spectrum One, Spectrum Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line are included at no extra charge. When bundled with Spectrum Internet, Spectrum WiFi is just $7 a month. 

With Spectrum Speed Boost, Spectrum Mobile customers get faster WiFi speeds on their mobile devices. When connected to a Spectrum Advanced WiFi network, eligible mobile device will automatically connect to Speed Boost for quicker downloads and load times.

The Spectrum Advanced WiFi router is included with Spectrum Advanced WiFi.

For optimized performance for any WiFi router, make sure to place the router in a central location, off the floor and away from large furniture and appliances. Beware of physical obstructions that may reduce your router’s WiFi signal strength, like metal appliances, brick walls and more.

Yes, the Spectrum Advanced WiFi router is built with the latest WiFi 6 technology for a stronger, faster connection to support speeds up to 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary).

Yes, you do. All new Spectrum Internet customers can receive a compatible modem at no extra charge. Spectrum modems are purpose built and tested to ensure you get the fastest, most reliable connection. 

Spectrum support is available 24 x 7 to help quickly troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

No, self-installation of Spectrum Advanced WiFi is easy. View this resource to get started.