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Security Shield for Spectrum Advanced WiFi


Protecting Your Home Network Every Minute

Order Spectrum Internet® and add Advanced WiFi to get AI-enabled network protection. With Advanced WiFi, Spectrum Security Shield defends customers and their devices from online threats with enhanced network security. 

Security You Can Trust – for All Your Devices

In a world full of online threats and scams, securing your home network and devices matters more than ever. Spectrum Advanced WiFi safeguards all devices connected to your network – including mobile phones and laptops – by automatically blocking malicious websites and Internet-originated attacks. 

Essential Security Features

Security Shield gives you an extra layer of defense with security for the devices in your home – and it’s included with Spectrum Advanced WiFi at no extra cost.

Woman browsing the internet securely with Spectrum Security

Secure Browsing

Malware and phishing attacks are automatically detected – helping keep your personal data safe.

Two men using a tablet with automated cyberattack defense

Automated Cyberattack Defense

Spectrum’s AI-enabled technology suppresses unwanted communication between your devices and Internet scammers.

A laptop and mobile phone with Security Shield protection

Connected Device Protection

Security Shield monitors your home's smart devices and alerts you to any unusual activity it detects.

A mobile phone showing device details from the My Spectrum App

Network Control

Control and monitor your network’s advanced security settings with the My Spectrum App.

How to Safeguard Your Network

Strengthen your defense against cyberattacks by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Start by signing up for Spectrum Internet.

Step 2

Add Spectrum Advanced WiFi to get Security Shield.

Step 3

Security Shield’s automated AI will begin to help block malicious threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrum offers two products to protect you from online threats. 

Spectrum Security Shield, included with Advanced WiFi, offers the following security features:

  • Secure browsing - Protects against accidentally browsing to suspicious sites, or those known to be malicious. These sites are commonly used to steal personal data or infect visitors with malware 
  • Secure traffic - Prevents devices from communicating with Internet locations that are known to be malicious
  • Smart device protection - Monitors to detect when smart devices, such as smart doorbells, have been compromised or are critically vulnerable 
  • Outbound DoS prevention - Prevents an already-compromised device in the home from flooding Internet locations with traffic 


Spectrum Security Suite, included with Spectrum Internet, provides Spectrum Internet customers with essential protections to your devices, including:

  • Antivirus protection with automatic virus removal
  • Firewall feature to protect private data and allow only safe Internet connections
  • Multi-computer protection - Up to 10 laptops and computers
  • Browsing protection to block harmful websites 
  • Antibot scanner to detect and remove malicious software on Windows computers
  • Online parental controls that allow you to set time limits, monitor web activity and block certain websites

Yes, Spectrum offers Security Suite to Spectrum Internet customers at no extra fee. Security Suite provides advanced protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software for up to 10 Mac and Windows laptops and computers. 

Learn more about Security Suite and how it protects against viruses.

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