Upgrade ANY Time You Want, for ANY Reason

Experience the freedom of an Unlimited Plus plan with FREE Anytime Upgrade so you can upgrade your phone, ANY time, as many times as you want. Anytime Upgrade is exclusive to Spectrum Mobile.

  • Unlimited talk, text and data

  • Nationwide 5G access included

  • NO added taxes, NO hidden fees

Unlimited Plus

Spectrum Internet® required.

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Stay connected with an Unlimited line for $29.99/month and get your second line FREE for 12 months – that's only $15/month each! Enjoy the benefits of Unlimited Plus featuring FREE Anytime Upgrade for only $10 more per month per line. Spectrum Internet required.

  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 50 GB)
  • FREE Anytime Upgrade with unlimited phone upgrades, whenever you want
  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 10 GB)
  • FREE roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • Additional lines available for $39.99/mo each
  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 30 GB)
  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 5 GB)
  • NO contracts, added taxes or hidden fees
  • Additional lines available for $29.99/mo each

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Enjoy more freedom and flexibility with an Unlimited Plus data plan, featuring FREE Anytime Upgrade.

Speed Boost: Spectrum Advanced WiFi and compatible equipment required.

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Whether you keep your current phone or shop for a new one, the choice is yours when you switch to Spectrum Mobile.

Bring Your Own Device

Keep your own phone, tablet or smartwatch and save. It’s easy to make the switch with dedicated support along the way.

Trade In Your Device and Save

Ready for a new phone? Trade in your current phone and get the value of your trade-in + an extra $100 toward your new device. 


Get Up to $1,000 Off

Plus double the storage on us!

Trade-in required. Hurry – offer ends 7/23.

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Choose Unlimited to enjoy incredible savings on multiple lines with all the talk, text and data you need.

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Your Family. Your Plan. Our Network.

Mix and match data plans for every person in your family with Spectrum Mobile.

Woman holding a cell phone and using Spectrum Mobile international services.


Talk, Text and Roam the World

Get FREE international texting in the U.S., roaming in 200+ countries and competitive talk, text and data rates abroad.