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The Benefits of Spectrum Advanced WiFi

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Spectrum Advanced WiFi is a Spectrum service that gives you improved Internet performance and added safety and protection from online threats. Advanced WiFi also gives you a better way to manage your in-home WiFi network from anywhere using the My Spectrum App. 

What Can You Do with Spectrum Advanced WiFi?

Spectrum Advanced WiFi is the simple solution you need to enjoy a faster, safer connection for every device in your WiFi network. Here’s how:

  • Breakthrough WiFi Technology – Get a stronger and faster connection with the latest WiFi 6 technology
  • Extra Protection with Security Shield – Keep online threats like viruses and malware at bay with superior security
  • Improved Network Control – Use the My Spectrum App to secure your home WiFi network from anywhere

Who Is Spectrum Advanced WiFi Right For?

Is Spectrum Advanced WiFi worth it for you? Advanced WiFi is for any household with multi-device users. Specifically, if you would like to manage your WiFi network and control your router with a simple app while home or away, it’s a good choice.

Spectrum Advanced WiFi lets you:

  • Control Who’s Connected – Wherever you are, view and manage devices connected to your Spectrum WiFi network, and get alerts when new devices connect
  • Manage Your Network – Easily view, update and share network information, like your network name and password
  • Customize Device Controls – Group devices, assign nicknames, and parental controls like pausing WiFi access anytime or based on a schedule

Using the App to Manage Devices

To learn more about managing devices on Spectrum WiFi, there are a variety of resources to help you control which devices access your network, view connected devices and much more. Visit Advanced WiFi: Features for more information.

Controlling How Much Speed Each Device Uses

If you live in a home with a lot of WiFi-connected devices, you may want to prioritize certain devices on WiFi. While it isn't possible to control how much speed each device uses, Spectrum Advanced WiFi allows you to pause/unpause WiFi connections on certain devices. Using the My Spectrum App, you can do this manually or create a pause schedule.

Learn more about WiFi parental controls, creating device groups and pausing devices here

Managing Your WiFi from Anywhere

Remotely managing your WiFi network is easy with Advanced WiFi. You can control your router away from home by downloading the My Spectrum App. Plus, you can pay your bill and manage your Spectrum account, all from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. 

How to Get the Most from Your Spectrum Advanced WiFi

You can enhance your Spectrum Advanced WiFi performance with several proactive steps during setup. Even without Advanced WiFi, these tips can help improve your in-home WiFi:

  • Check the router location – It’s usually best to place your router in a central location, off the floor and away from large pieces of furniture, appliances and staircases. Avoid putting the router in a closet or cabinet and open any doors between the router and your wireless device(s).
  • Beware of physical obstructions – WiFi signal will travel through most household objects with little to no drop in speed, but there are exceptions. Some obstacles will stand in the way of the signal and reduce your router’s WiFi signal strength, including metal appliances, brick walls and fireplaces, ceramic tile, large wooden furniture and reflective surfaces, such as glass windows and mirrors.
  • Restart the router – Sometimes the simplest solution is exactly what’s needed; restarting your router might fix your issue. Turn off your router, unplug it and wait two minutes. Then plug it back in and turn the power on. This will clear the router’s memory and resets the settings – literally giving your router a “fresh start.”


If you are still experiencing slow WiFi speeds or other issues, you can find additional support answers to maximize your WiFi performance

How to Get Started

You can see that Spectrum Advanced WiFi offers plenty of benefits for anyone looking for enhanced WiFi speed, security and simple network management. When bundled with Spectrum Internet®, Spectrum Advanced WiFi is just $7 a month.

You can also save even more with Spectrum One, which gives you Spectrum Internet, Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line all for one incredible price. 

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Experience seamless connectivity across all your devices. With Spectrum One, get Spectrum Internet®, Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line all for one incredible price.

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