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Spectrum Pods – Home WiFi Extenders


Reliable WiFi Coverage Throughout Your Home

Spectrum WiFi Pods add greater range of WiFi coverage. Get stronger Internet in areas with a weak connection. 


Connected in Every Corner

With Spectrum Advanced WiFi, WiFi extenders help keep your devices online with up to 800 sq. feet of coverage from a single pod.

Say Goodbye to Dead Spots

Eliminate spots in the rooms and floors of your home that have weaker signal.

Seamless Connectivity

Keep a smooth WiFi connection as you move from room to room.

A Smart Network for Your Home

Easily manage all smart devices connected to your Advanced WiFi network.

Connect Your Pods with the My Spectrum App

With the best-in-class security and simple management of Advanced WiFi, you get complete control over your home WiFi network. 

  • Easily install pods, then manage through the app

  • Locate individual pods as needed

  • Name each pod by location for easy reference

WIFI Extender FAQs

A WiFi Pod, or WiFi extender, increases the range and coverage of your in-home WiFi network. WiFi boosters eliminate weak spots and optimize Internet speeds on all your connected devices.

Each Spectrum WiFi Pod is available for $3.00/mo. When compared to the cost of WiFi extenders from other providers that charge $120 per device or higher, Spectrum WiFi extenders are a great value.  

Yes, two Spectrum WiFi Pods are recommended for most homes. Larger homes may require additional Pods to provide optimized WiFi coverage to all areas. You can have up to five WiFi Pods associated with your Spectrum account.

Setting up Spectrum WiFi Pods is easy. Use the My Spectrum App to get step-by-step instructions on how to activate your pods and add them to your WiFi network. Spectrum customer support is also available 24 x 7 if you need help troubleshooting any network issues. 

Note: Get tips on placing your WiFi pods to get the best coverage possible. 

WiFi extenders act as WiFi signal boosters to extend coverage throughout your home network. Spectrum WiFi Pods optimize Internet connections to achieve maximal Internet speeds as you move from room to room.

Spectrum WiFi Pods work with Spectrum Advanced WiFi to provide best-in-class security for in-home WiFi networks. Learn more about the benefits of Security Shield with Advanced WiFi, which includes smart device protection.