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What Is Gigabit Internet and How Fast Is It?

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A Gigabit Internet connection downloads data at ultra-fast speeds that reach up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps).

Has your Internet been running slow? If you’ve added an extra load to your home network – more users on at the same time, new smart-home devices or 4K streaming – it may be time to upgrade to Gigabit-speed Internet.

If your household has been plagued by buffering, lag and slow downloads, read on to see how Spectrum Internet Gig can help. 

What Is Gigabit Internet?

According to the FCC, broadband Internet speeds, measured in megabits per second (Mbps), need to download at a rate 100 Mbps to be considered high-speed. Spectrum Internet Gig can reach download speeds of 1 Gbps – or 1000 Mbps – 10 times faster than these starting plans.

While a 100 Mbps download speed is considered high-speed Internet, you’ll start to see your network slowing down as you add more active devices. A Gigabit Internet connection has enough speed both to support more users and to handle more download-intensive activities – like remote working and distance learning, UHD video calls, 4K streaming and gaming.

How Does Internet Gig Work?

Spectrum Internet Gig runs on a fiber-rich network – also called a hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network. An HFC network combines the best of modern Internet infrastructure, bridging fiber optic cables and homes using existing coaxial lines.

Fiber networks transmit data as beams of light through fiber-optic cables. These fiber-optic lines can handle much larger amounts of data with low interference – that means faster speeds with less buffering, reloading pages or refreshing apps.

The standard coaxial lines that bridge the “last mile” to homes are powered by the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology capable of reaching the same Gigabit download speeds as fiber-optic cables.

Benefits of Gigabit Internet

Okay, you know how fast it is and how it works. Let’s find out what Spectrum Internet Gig can do for you.

Support Multiple Users

In most homes, everyone is using the Internet to some degree, often on multiple devices at the same time! Working from home and streaming music, using a classroom app while on a distance-learning video call, even browsing social media while binging your favorite show – more people using a home network at the same time can slow things down. Spectrum Internet Gig keeps you and those in your household connected to those experiences without slowdowns, lag or buffering.


If you’ve upgraded your screens to 4K or ultra HD, you need the download speeds to support high-resolution streaming. Spectrum Internet Gig has the speeds to stream crystal-clear 4K or UHD video – on multiple devices at once.


Every gamer knows the struggle – you start downloading a new game before work, come back hours later and it’s barely over 50% done. Spectrum Internet Gig can download a 100 GB game in under 20 minutes. Plus, lower interference on the reliable, fiber-rich Spectrum network can help reduce latency and jitter for a better-quality multiplayer experience.

Video Calls

Low-speed connections result in poor video and audio quality, lagging and buffering and dropped calls. Gigabit Internet can improve the quality and consistency of the video calls that are crucial to remote work, distance learning and keeping in touch with family and friends.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Home Devices

Voice assistants, doorbell cameras and all the other WiFi-enabled devices in homes have become essential appliances. Though a single smart-home device doesn't consume a lot of bandwidth, most households have multiple devices that together require a robust connection. Spectrum Gigabit Internet provides the extra download speed to support your “always-on” devices without impacting your regular Internet use.

How Do I Know if I Can Get Gigabit Internet?

To start surfing at Gigabit speed, check to see if Spectrum Internet service is available in your area.

Spectrum Internet Gig is available to millions of customers – home and business – across the United States. With no data caps and a complementary Gig-capable modem, you can truly get the most out of your Spectrum Internet service.


Make the right choice with Spectrum Internet®, delivering speed and reliability you can count on. Shop our best deals now.

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