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It’s easier than ever to switch to Spectrum Mobile®. We’ll pay off your phone balance, up to $2,500! Ask us how.

  • Keep your number, bring your phone and we’ll pay off up to five lines

  • Switch from T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T or any other carrier

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Spectrum Internet® required.

Here’s How to Qualify

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Add at least three Spectrum Mobile lines.

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Bring your phone or shop new ones. Transfer at least one number.

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Provide a copy of your latest bill and we’ll pay off your phone balance (up to five lines, $2,500 max).

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You must add a minimum of three lines to qualify.

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Switch to any Spectrum Mobile plan and you could receive up to $2,500 to pay off your current phone balance with any other carrier.

Speed Boost: Spectrum Advanced WiFi and compatible equipment required.


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Included with all Spectrum Mobile plans, Speed Boost offers faster speeds for your mobile device both home and away:

  • Experience quicker downloads and load times at home when connected to Spectrum Advanced WiFi

  • Automatically connect to fast and secure WiFi access points while on the go

Spectrum Advanced WiFi and compatible equipment required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Spectrum Mobile does offer mobile buyout. Here’s how Spectrum Mobile could pay off your device agreement: 

If you have a remaining balance on your phone with another carrier, Spectrum Mobile will reimburse your balance up to $2,500 (up to $500 credit per each line transferred, although individual lines can qualify for more than $500, maximum of five transferred lines or $2,500 per account). Spectrum Internet is required.

For example, if you switch five lines to Spectrum Mobile and keep three of your phone numbers you would be eligible to participate. If those three lines had a remaining device balance, you could receive a reimbursement up to $1,500. 

Or, you add three lines to Spectrum Mobile. Of those three lines, you only intend to keep one existing phone number. The two lines on which you do not intend to keep your phone number have a remaining balance of $200. The line on which you transfer your existing phone number has a balance of $700. Spectrum will pay off $500 of your $700 balance on that line.

You can participate in this offer on up to five lines (minimum three lines) that are associated with any Spectrum Mobile plan

Spectrum Mobile will reimburse your remaining device balance from your previous carrier. Leasing, interest fees and Early Termination Fees are excluded.

This is a one-time offer. If you’ve already received a buyout for your remaining phone balance(s), you’re not eligible to participate again.

You are eligible as a new or existing Spectrum Mobile customer. If you add three or more lines from another carrier, you may qualify for a reimbursement on up to five lines. Lines must be transferred from a carrier other than Spectrum Mobile to qualify. Existing Spectrum Mobile lines are not eligible and do not count towards line eligibility.

If you cancel any of your qualifying lines within 12 months of getting your buyout, you will be responsible for returning the entire buyout amount.