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Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Data Plans

Enjoy special savings on Unlimited data with phone plans starting at just $29.99/mo per line. Use all the data you want with nationwide 5G included. 


The Best Unlimited Data Plan for Your Budget

Stream, surf, download and game without worrying about how much data you use with Unlimited and Unlimited Plus phone plans. Nationwide 5G included with no extra fees. Don’t need as much data? View our By the Gig plan.

  • 5G nationwide access included at no extra fee
  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • Switch between Unlimited or Unlimited Plus anytime
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Unlimited plan, plus a little extra.
  • HD-quality video streaming
  • More freedom to surf and stream

Save with Spectrum One

Save over $400 with Spectrum One — get fast Internet, FREE Advanced WiFi and one FREE Unlimited Mobile line. Experience the fastest wireless speeds when combined with WiFi.

Spectrum One chart breaking down the savings you get when you sign up for the incredible Spectrum One deal. Save $34.99 per month for Internet, WiFi, and an Unlimited Mobile line.

Switching to Spectrum Mobile is Simple

Start with a device, then choose your Spectrum Mobile plan. See how much you could save.

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Get Spectrum Internet

If you have Spectrum Internet, great! If not, shop Internet.

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Select Your Device

Shop for a new device or bring your own.

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Customize Your Phone Plan

Choose Unlimited if you use more than 3 GB of cellular data a month. Choose By the Gig if you use less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your data usage will determine which Unlimited data phone plan is best for your needs. One GB is equal to 1024 MB.

Web surfing: 18 MB/hour, emailing: .02 MB per email, social networking: 51 MB/hour, streaming HD video: 2 GB/hour, streaming music: 6.5 MB/hour, online gaming: 20 MB/hour.

If any of your By the Gig lines typically go over 2 GB of data per billing cycle, we recommend the Unlimited or Unlimited Plus data option.

If any of your Unlimited lines typically use less than 2 GB of data per billing cycle, we recommend By the Gig.

You can check your data usage through your account online or through the Spectrum Mobile App to determine what is the best phone data plan for you.

This can be done by signing into your account online or in the Spectrum Mobile App.

Switching from By the Gig to an Unlimited Plan

This change will take effect immediately. Any accrued By the Gig charges will be removed from the current billing cycle and will be replaced with the flat Unlimited fee.

Switching from an Unlimited plan to By the Gig

This change will take effect on the next billing cycle.

Spectrum’s Unlimited Plus phone plan has a higher threshold for faster speeds depending on Gigabytes used. You can expect reduced speeds after 30 GB of phone data usage per line, as opposed to the Unlimited phone plan, which reduces speeds after 20 GB. You will also enjoy HD quality video resolution with the Unlimited Plus phone plan.

No. We offer a Bring Your Own Device program for qualifying phones. Or, trade in your eligible device to upgrade to a new phone.

There are no added taxes or fees associated with any Spectrum Mobile plan. However, sales tax is charged for any devices or accessories purchased through Spectrum Mobile. Taxes are based on the full price of products purchased and must be paid in one up-front payment, regardless of whether items are being paid in full or on an installment plan. Applicable taxes on equipment sales are billed separately.

A one-time activation fee of $10 per line will be applied.

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