Anytime Upgrade is FREE with Unlimited Plus

Upgrade your phone ANY time, as many times as you want, with an Unlimited Plus data plan featuring FREE Anytime Upgrade – exclusive to Spectrum Mobile. Plus, enjoy nationwide 5G access and no extra fees to use your device as a mobile hotspot. 

Unlimited Plus

Spectrum Internet® required.


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Trade-in required. Hurry – offer ends 7/23.

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Choose From Two Flexible Unlimited Data Plans

Use all the data you want with an Unlimited plan for only $29.99/month and get a second line FREE for 12 months – that’s only $15/month each! Select an Unlimited Plus plan with FREE Anytime Upgrade and upgrade on your terms for only $10 more per month per line.
Spectrum Internet required.

  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 50 GB)
  • FREE Anytime Upgrade with unlimited phone upgrades, whenever you want
  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 10 GB)
  •  FREE roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • Additional Unlimited Plus lines for $39.99/month each
  •  Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 30 GB)
  •  NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 5 GB)
  • NO contracts, added taxes or hidden fees
  • Additional Unlimited lines for $29.99/month each

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Enjoy more freedom with an Unlimited Plus data plan, featuring FREE Anytime Upgrade.

Speed Boost: Spectrum Advanced WiFi and compatible equipment required.


Upgrade Your Phone, Anytime at No Additional Cost

Choose an Unlimited Plus plan and get the phone you want, anytime you want, with FREE Anytime Upgrade. This is the perfect plan if you prefer the latest phones with the most advanced features. 

  • If you’re still paying off your current phone just return it and we’ll cover the amount owed. 

  • If your current phone is paid off you can take advantage of maximum trade-in values.

  • Turn in your phone in nearly any condition, even with a cracked screen, as long as it's operable - this includes no liquid damage, is able to charge, must power on and the phone must operate as intended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your data usage will determine which Unlimited data phone plan is best for your needs. One GB is equal to 1024 MB.

Web surfing: 18 MB/hour, emailing: .02 MB/email, social networking: 51 MB/hour, streaming HD video: 2 GB/hour, streaming music: 6.5 MB/hour, online gaming: 20 MB/hour.

If any of your By the Gig lines typically go over 2 GB of data per billing cycle, we recommend the Unlimited or Unlimited Plus data option.

If any of your Unlimited lines typically use less than 2 GB of data per billing cycle, we recommend By the Gig.

If you prefer to upgrade your phones before they are fully paid off, we recommend the Unlimited Plus plan with FREE Anytime Upgrade.

You can check your data usage through your account online or through the Spectrum Mobile App to determine what is the best phone data plan for you.

This can be done by signing into your account online or in the Spectrum Mobile App.

Switching from By the Gig to an Unlimited or Unlimited Plus

This change will take effect immediately. Any accrued By the Gig charges will be removed from the current billing cycle and will be replaced with the flat Unlimited fee.

Switching from an Unlimited or Unlimited Plus to By the Gig

This change will take effect on the next billing cycle. 

  • Reduced speeds after 50 GB of phone data usage per line, as opposed to the Unlimited data plan, which reduces speeds after 30 GB

  • Video resolution up to 720p

  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data with full speeds up to 10 GB

  • FREE roaming in Mexico and Canada

  • FREE Anytime Upgrade is included so you can get a new phone whenever you want

Anytime Upgrade is a benefit available exclusively from Spectrum Mobile when you choose an Unlimited Plus mobile data plan. With Anytime Upgrade, you can:

  • Upgrade your phone anytime you want at no additional cost. Anytime Upgrade redemptions are available immediately to new and existing Unlimited Plus customers and 30 days after upgrading to Unlimited Plus for existing By the Gig or Unlimited customers.

  • Still paying off your current phone? Simply trade in your phone and we’ll take care of the remaining amount owed. Phones turned-in with a balance that are not in functional condition incur a $99 fee. Functional condition means the phone must not be listed as lost or stolen, must power on, is free from liquid damage, can make and receive calls and texts, can charge, is not locked, anti-theft is disabled and all personal accounts and content can be deleted. The camera and other aspects of the phone must operate as intended. 

  • If your current phone is paid off you can take advantage of premium trade-in values, even if your phone has a cracked screen, as long as your phone being received can be repaired, reconditioned or refurbished. 

No. We offer a Bring Your Own Device program for qualifying phones. Or, trade in your eligible device to upgrade to a new phone.

There are no added taxes or fees associated with any Spectrum Mobile plan. However, sales tax is charged for any devices or accessories purchased through Spectrum Mobile. Taxes are based on the full price of products purchased and must be paid in one up-front payment, regardless of whether items are being paid in full or on an installment plan. Applicable taxes on equipment sales are billed separately.

A one-time activation fee of $20 per line will be applied.

Spectrum Speed Boost delivers faster in-home WiFi speeds on qualifying mobile devices. Learn more about Speed Boost and what qualifying equipment you need to enjoy even faster download speeds on your home WiFi network

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