Every company needs strong leadership to thrive. The qualities of a true leader transform executives, managers, and team leaders from placeholders into difference makers! Some people are born with such leadership potential, while others develop this ability through hard work and self-discipline.

Here are the seven key leadership qualities.



This is the rarest quality and the most valuable. It’s what separates an average boss from one capable of bringing about the best results possible for the organization. The person with vision sees the ultimate objective and knows how to get there.



While the person with integrity foregoes some short-term gains (those achievable only through dishonesty or deceit), he inspires intense loyalty and commitment in his followers. Their devotion to such a boss creates opportunities for business success.



A true leader sees the ultimate objective clearly but understands that achieving it may involve making adjustments to the original plan. Such a leader is capable of overseeing such adjustments efficiently and effectively.


Excellent communication skills

All the other qualities cited here would be useless if the leader were not capable of communicating with the utmost clarity. This skill must be evident in all situations – on the phone, in emails, meeting with one person, and speaking to a group.



This quality is often ignored, but it should not be. The true leader is tireless. He is capable of working for as long as it takes to complete a task. Such an individual is willing and able to overcome countless obstacles on the path to success.


Strategic aptitude

This is an essential ingredient. Strategic skill allows the leader to find the best way to achieve his vision. He deploys personnel and material resources at the optimal moments and in the perfect way to execute a winning strategy.


People skills

Long ago Dale Carnegie emphasized the importance of knowing “how to win friends and influence people,” and these skills are still invaluable. Possessing a vision and strategic genius are useless if a manager does not have the people skills to rally a team of employees to work hard to achieve the objective.

Whatever sector a company is in, and whatever the specific focus is, true leaders are required to capitalize on the business’s potential. Leaders transform a group of employees into a winning team that can achieve far more than might have been expected.

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