Power Your Business With Advanced WiFi

  • Get automatic network protection with Security Shield

  • Reliably connect up to 200 devices simultaneously

  • Easily manage your network with more control

Enhance your business with a world-class connectivity platform. 
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A Safer Way to Manage Your Business Connection

Upgrade your Internet plan by adding Advanced WiFi from Spectrum Business and start managing your organization’s WiFi network from anywhere using

Spectrum Advanced WiFi router image

Optimize Your Network Bandwidth

Our award-winning Advanced WiFi router automatically optimizes to improve performance and increase productivity by delivering the fastest wireless speeds all day long to as many as 200 devices.

laptop showing a device management screen

Protect Sensitive Business Data

Keep your business safe with Security Shield, an included Advanced WiFi feature that automatically blocks malicious websites, phishing scams and digital threats before they enter your network. If it’s connected, it’s protected.

image of a connection management screen

More Control

Easily pause, remove and manage the devices that connect to your Advanced WiFi network. Plus, share and change your WiFi settings and much more.

To add Advanced WiFi for your business, call ${/sbsalesprofile/sb_p1:833.517.0708}

Installation Is Fast and Easy

Eligible business customers can choose our streamlined self-installation option or schedule an appointment and our technicians will set up your new devices during a convenient installation window.

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Connect Equipment

Connect your new Advanced WiFi router to your modem and wait for the status light to turn solid green.

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Connect a Device

Use your Spectrum Business WiFi network name (SSID) and password on the back of the router to connect your WiFi-enabled device.

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Link Your Account

Link your account on the My Spectrum App to manage your business WiFi settings from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced WiFi from Spectrum Business creates a network for your WiFi-enabled devices to connect to your Business Internet. This best-in-class router allows you to manage and secure the devices connected to your network while maximizing your Internet performance. Advanced WiFi not only blocks malware, viruses and other common threats automatically with Security Shield but also gives you advanced controls including providing WiFi access to specific devices connected to your router.


Call ${/sbsalesprofile/sb_p1:855.888.9780} to speak with a specialist for more information about how to put Advanced WiFi to work for your business. 

Yes. Advanced WiFi is a wireless router, not a modem-router combo. Your modem brings Internet service into your business, while the Advanced WiFi router creates a wireless network for your WiFi-enabled devices to connect to the Internet.


New Spectrum Business Internet customers are offered a compatible modem at no additional charge. Call ${/sbsalesprofile/sb_p1:855.888.9780} to add Advanced WiFi for $10 more a month.

Control your Advanced WiFi router right from your smartphone. Download the free My Spectrum App to manage your business account and services no matter where your work takes you.

Self-installation is also available for eligible business customers and is a fast, easy way to activate your service. Simply connect your modem to your incoming cable outlet. Then, connect your modem to your Spectrum Business WiFi router. Finish by activating your modem online by visiting


Professional installation is available starting in March. Call ${/sbsalesprofile/sb_p1:855.888.9780} to learn more.

Yes. The Advanced WiFi router supports WiFi 6 and other standards. WiFi 6 offers faster throughput speeds, improved battery life and less bandwidth congestion than previous WiFi 5 technology.


Limited-time offer; subject to change. Qualified new business customers only. Must not have subscribed to applicable services w/ in the last 30 days & have no outstanding obligation to Charter. Services subject to all applicable service terms & conditions, which are subject to change. Services & promo. offers not avail. in all areas. Standard pricing applies after promo. period. Installation & other equipment charges, taxes & fees may apply. Restrictions apply. Call for details.