Summer is almost officially here, and that means you may be looking for some reading ideas. This year, consider mixing some blogs into your summer reading list—as they can provide you valuable tips and insights to help you run your business, and often in 500 words or less.

We asked entrepreneurs to tell us their go-to business blog, and here’s how they responded:


My favorite business blog is Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation, which gives great actionable tips to grow your business based on real-person profiles and stories. I love reading actual success stories and hearing how someone built their own business. I often find tips I can apply to my own business after reading his blog.

Stacy Caprio, founder, Accelerated Growth Marketing, Chicago


My favorite business blog is Neil Patel, a go-to resource for internet marketing. I like the simplicity and thoroughness of the blog, in addition to the various types of content. You can learn everything related to digital advertising, content and social media marketing. The articles are not written for the expert, but for the beginner—including step-by-step instructions with images and screenshots.

Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner, Premium Joy, Walnut, California


When it comes to business blogs, the HubSpot blog takes the cake. They constantly have the pulse on what’s going on in the business world and are usually the first to spotlight the newest trends in sales or marketing. I’ve learned more from reading their blog than I have from business books in the last five years.

Mack Dudayev, co-founder, Chance Realty, Boca Raton, Florida


My favorite business blog is The Middle Finger Project. It’s chock-full of hilarious, yet serious, advice concerning how to market your business, manage client expectations and stay motivated. I stumbled across it the moment before I launched my ecommerce website, and it was a game-changer. It has taught me that the brain is highly efficient, because the second it predicts the next sentence, it will stop paying attention. This knowledge forced me to reevaluate all the hours of work I had put into my ho-hum copy and rewrite my entire website.

Amy McCord Jones, owner, Flower Moxie, Oklahoma City


Since I handle marketing for our company, SEO information is most important to me. I need to know what the current trends are and in what direction Google is going next. For this reason, I love reading Search Engine Journal. In my opinion, it has the most up-to-date and comprehensive SEO tips and advice for small business owners.

Dane Kolbaba, co-founder, Watchdog Pest Control, Phoenix


As the owner of a small martial arts school, I enjoy reading Financially Simple, which has given me insight on techniques for growing my business and eventually preparing to sell it when I’m no longer able physically to teach martial arts.

Earl Dunn, founder and owner, Alpha & Omega Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Knoxville, Tennessee


My top recommendation is The Moz Blog. Its digital marketing experts offer their best advice, research and how-tos. The blog isn’t just for marketers—any business owner will benefit from the insights.

Alex Membrillo, CEO, Cardinal Digital Marketing, Atlanta


What are your favorite business blogs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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