The new year presents a great chance to revisit your business plan and set new goals and priorities for the months ahead. Looking at the big picture can help you spot new opportunities.


We asked business owners about their top business goals or priorities for 2022. Here’s how they responded:


Building an agency

As a virtual assistant, I’m hired by other service providers to take their business to the next level. In 2022, I plan to scale my own business. I am moving toward an agency format, building a team and focusing on growth. I’ve realized that I can’t do everything on my own. I’ve recently spent some time deep-diving into what a “dream team” looks like.

Nyla Bland, founder and CEO, Nyla & Company, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Telling customers’ stories

We are a platform that powers luggage storage and package acceptance in local shops and hotels worldwide. Over the past year, we have researched new ways to market our company, focusing on a more narrative approach. Our business lends itself to storytelling, so in 2022, we will focus on utilizing long-form approaches such as blogs, videos and newsletters to engage and interact with consumers.

Cody Candee, founder and CEO, Bounce, San Francisco


Providing leadership opportunities

My goal for 2022 is to focus on growth and creating leadership opportunities within our company, as opposed to hiring from outside. We have an amazing team that wants to grow with our organization, and there’s no greater responsibility than to inspire, encourage and lead the people who are the foundation of our hard work and success. Without my employees, I would probably still be in the back of my studio at home, designing a few rings a week, instead of growing to where my business currently is. The least any business owner can do in return for employees’ dedication is to offer more opportunities.

John Atencio, founder, John Atencio Company, Denver


Generating passive income


“My top goal for 2022 is to shift to more video content on my product review site.”


As the owner of a small design studio, my business relies on getting a certain number of projects every year as my primary income. With limited time and resources, this means we need high-budget clients—which are hard to consistently acquire. My top goal for 2022 is to launch a passive income stream so that my studio doesn’t have to constantly rely on getting those large-budget clients. This passive income will be a series of digital products that will appeal to a broader audience.

Hannah Van Woert, owner and creative director, Meteor Street Studio, Nashville, Tennessee 


Fine-tuning sales strategy

Our company drives revenue via multiple channels, including partnerships, pay-per-click ads, resellers, direct-sales staff and social media. While they all may be profitable, in 2022 I’d like to use our in-house data to better understand which channels we should divest from so we can reallocate those resources to more profitable sales channels that bring in high-value customers and partners.

Justin Silverman, founder, Merchynt, Los Angeles


Adding video content

My top goal for 2022 is to shift to more video content on my product review site. Video captures the attention of any target audience more than any other type of content. My company has always focused on written content, so it will be interesting to see how incorporating videos will enhance the customer experience. I think it will make our current audience happy and potentially increase our audience base.

Christen da Costa, founder and CEO, Gadget Review, Los Angeles


Hiring first full-time employee

My husband and I run a boutique design firm, and we plan to expand our team this year by hiring our first full-time employee. This is scary on many levels. Do we have enough business to support another person? Who do we bring on? It’s important to us that we pay a livable wage and that whomever we bring on gets to enjoy the many benefits and flexibility we have come to know and love. 2022 has big things in store for us—I can feel it!

Genia Castro Waller, co-owner, Graphic Finesse, Billings, Montana


What’s your top business goal for 2022? Share your insights in the comments section below!

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