A new year is a great chance to reset and make new goals. As business owners look ahead to the next 12 months, what do they hope to achieve? And how do they plan to get there?


We asked business owners their top goal for 2023. Here’s how they responded:


Improving my company’s culture

My top goal for 2023 is fine-tuning my remote workplace for employees and finding new ways to enhance our company culture despite having a distributed team. Making remote work feasible long-term is an ever-evolving challenge. While it’s the right choice for my team, there’s always more that can be done to improve the employee experience. My plans for this are to experiment with different types of remote interview models, along with finding ways to better engage staff remotely and encourage connections within and between teams.

Josh Snead, CEO, Rainwalk Pet Insurance, Columbia, South Carolina


Telling our brand story

Our key objective for 2023 is to get out our brand message and tell our story, including how our products and services differ from our competitors’ offerings. We have begun educating our consumer base through emails and attracting new customers through sponsored advertisements. It’s critical to maintain consumer ties, tell our narrative and, when the time comes, ask our dedicated followers and customers for help. People who know and trust us are more likely to buy from and support us.

Mike Hinckley, founder, Growth Equity Interview Guide, San Francisco


Building my personal brand

​​My top goal for 2023 is to grow my personal brand. As an entrepreneur, growing your personal brand is just as vital as growing your business. Customers want to feel connected to brands, and as an entrepreneur, the easiest way to do this is via your own social media. Giving customers access to your life can be the key to converting potential customers to existing ones.

Todd Hinson, founder and CEO, Opertivo, Washington, D.C.


Doubling website traffic

My goal for 2023 for my business is to double the website traffic for my company’s blog. I plan to achieve this by investing heavily in my SEO strategy and writing more blogs optimized for search engines so potential customers find answers and value in our content. We are going to do more outreach to potential guest bloggers and collaborations with other companies related to our field.

Tim Connon, founder and CEO, ParamountQuote Insurance Advisors, Altamont, Tennessee


Adapting to international markets

As a global luggage storage provider, we are always looking for ways to adapt and meld with the new markets we are expanding into—as marketing tastes can differ significantly across international boundaries. Our top goal for 2023 is to find innovative ways to streamline the process of learning about different regions, cultures, customers, and promotional tastes of the places we’re expanding into, as well as the best ways to measure the results of our efforts.

Cody Candee, founder and CEO, Bounce, San Francisco


Staying focused—and prioritizing better

The past year was full of diversions, and distractions can be fatal to an entrepreneur. There will always be more work than hours in the day, and the only way to succeed is to develop techniques to filter out all the irrelevant noise. In 2023, I intend to start each day by asking myself a simple question: What is the essential thing I can do for my business today? By planning and putting down my major goal for the day, I will be able to stay focused on what actually matters and drive my business further than ever before.

Robert Davidson, CEO, California Title Loans, Irvine, California


What’s your top business goal for 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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