As severe storm season moves into high gear, power outages become a real risk. And as many business owners know from experience, one severe thunderstorm, heat wave or hurricane can lead to a major power outage that lasts for hours, if not days.


And such outages are becoming more common. One research group found that the number of weather-related power outages in the U.S. increased by 78% over the 10 years ending in 2021 compared to the decade before.


For business owners, power outages cost time and money. Without electricity, you can’t charge your devices or run the equipment you need to serve customers. So how can you avoid the significant business disruptions caused by an outage? Here are three tips:


  1. Consider backup power options


The easiest way to avoid business disruption from a power outage is to have backup 

power generation available. You can choose a backup generation solution that’s fit for your specific business needs and typical electricity usage.


For example, a convenience store or restaurant that relies heavily on refrigeration may want a gas-powered standby generator that will automatically turn on whenever your business loses power. A home-based business or small office can have a smaller backup generator on site that either can power the entire facility or just critical equipment—like computers and phones—in case of an outage.


More businesses today are also looking at installing renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Not only does renewable energy help businesses be more environmentally sustainable, but it also means they’re far less reliant on the power grid and can maintain power during an outage. Various federal, state and local tax credits and other incentives can greatly reduce the upfront cost of solar panels while eventually paying for themselves in energy bill savings. 


  1. Keep your internet running smoothly.


Maintaining internet access is perhaps the most important way to keep a business running smoothly and without disruption—especially given the number of connected and cloud-based tools so many companies rely on today. So even if you’re not looking for a full-scale backup generator, it pays to consider how you can ensure your internet won’t stop working due to a power outage that cuts power to your modem.


Wireless Internet Backup from Spectrum Business, for example, automatically activates when the power goes out—providing your business devices with continuous connectivity. It provides backup for up to four connected devices—such as a computer, business phone and payment terminal—and with at least eight hours of connectivity using a battery backup system.


It also notifies you when it’s in use and when your normal internet connection has been restored.


  1. Have a communication plan.


If you do lose power and it disrupts your operations, you’ll want to make sure you can communicate with your customers, employees and vendors and notify them of any changes. 


Consider how you will communicate during an outage, whether that’s by calling or texting using your business mobile or with other business tools that will maintain connectivity.


One major power outage can have a significant impact on your business and operations. It only makes sense to find ways to limit the damage.

Learn how Wireless LTE Internet Backup for Business can help your business stay connected and operational.

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