Small businesses are extremely important to the global economy, but it isn’t always easy to develop a strong, credible brand. Large companies and corporations face the same challenges, but they have a lot more money to spend on clever marketing campaigns. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to build credibility, without spending a huge amount of money. Make sure that the market takes your small business seriously by adopting these key business strategies to get people to take your business seriously.

Take advantage of technology
Many small business owners ignore the possibilities that digital technology brings. If you want people to take you and your business seriously, you have to look for ways that technology can enhance what you do. You must have a website, and you must advertise your products and services online. You also need to develop a presence on social media. Your customers want to interact with you online, and if they can’t find you, your business will seem old-fashioned and unattractive.

Build a strong network
For many small businesses, word-of-mouth is a very powerful tool. There are lots of professional organizations to support companies like yours, and membership can help you develop rewarding new relationships. Attend events and seminars. Take part in web chats and Twitter debates. Hold an open day, or sponsor a local charity event. Networking is a powerful and cost-effective tool for small business leaders because you don’t have the budget for expensive marketing campaigns.

Demonstrate your expertise
People will always take you seriously if they can clearly see that you know what you are talking about. Small business owners can add value to their products and services by showing their expertise, and making it clear that they really understand what customers need. Set up a blog on your website, and share your views and advice on key business issues. Offer to speak at a small business event, and join relevant groups on LinkedIn, where you can share your ideas. Make sure that you are consistent in your approach. Focus on quality, not quantity, and remember that this is a longer-term time investment.

Show courage
The most successful business people are the ones who will take risks. Listen to your customers, and develop the products and services they need. Find opportunities in the market to delight your customers, and make it your mission to keep trying new things. It’s important to remember that you won’t always get things right, but if you can prove that you’re at least willing to try, you will increase customer loyalty and market credibility. Have the courage to test and learn from new ideas quickly and efficiently.


As a small business owner, you need to work hard to develop your reputation. Many prominent business leaders run or work for large businesses and corporations, but that doesn’t mean that credibility is out of your reach. With an ambitious, proactive strategy, you can still make sure that everyone knows you are really serious about what you do.


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