Some believe leaders choose to become leaders, and the trait to lead is not inborn; however, when we look at the school yard, there are those kids that seem to naturally take charge within a group.

In the business world, most people want to be led by a good manager.  In an uncertain world, skilled leaders can bring you comfort, and some of the best can help you reach new heights and become very successful.

When you look into the mirror, do you see a leader…or a leader waiting to be born?  Why does it matter anyway?  Simple:  leaders make more money.  Successful managers in business know they are part of the product or service they are selling.  If they lack the ability to lead their team effectively, their profits will suffer.

So if a larger bank account is in your dreams, you may want to consider becoming a leader, or at least, take on more leadership skills.  A good question to ask yourself is:  Would you follow you?

Here are some of the characteristics of a good leader you may want to consider:

  1. Leaders have a positive attitude.  They are not perfect, but they know that a positive frame of mind maximizes their potential for finding solutions to problems.  People gravitate toward a positive person in any situation.  What can you accomplish with a positive frame of mind?
  1. Leaders are goal-oriented.  They know that writing them down is the first step to success, but daily action is necessary to make them real.  If short term obstacles get in the way, leaders modify their goals and continue to press forward, but they never quit on a goal.  What goals can you achieve no matter what?
  1. Leaders focus on giving, not receiving.  People can see a taker a mile away.  When we choose to focus on ourselves, we are more likely to be needy or desperate.  Leaders focus on providing the best training, the best service, the best products, and the best customer experience.  And when the smoke clears from their continual efforts, they will find job security and plenty of money in their bank accounts!  How can you help your team be more successful?
  1. Leaders visualize their success.  Like the top world class athletes, leaders know that to change their mental programming, to achieve great success, they must visualize and feel that they have already achieved their goals.  They focus more on what they see in their mind’s eye instead of what they see with their physical eyes.  This takes practice and faith that it works.  What can you achieve in your imagination?
  1. Leaders are committed to learning.  Leaders know that to continue to grow and expand their business, they must continue to grow and expand their thinking.  Most of us forget 80% of what we’ve learned within a few days.  Learning from experts is like planting seeds of success within your mind, which can grow into new business ideas and greater profits.  How many seeds have you planted lately?


Everyone needs a good coach to bring out the best in themselves.  People are looking for leaders in today’s challenging economic times.  Study and implement these five action steps for a month.  Then look for additional ideas to add to your leadership toolbox.


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