Offering TV in your business—whether in your waiting room or the seating area of your restaurant—is a great way to help your customers bide their time, and in an enjoyable and relaxing way.


“Offering TV at your business can be a great way to enhance your customer experience,” says Garit Boothe, a digital marketing consultant in Salt Lake City, Utah. “It can provide a relaxing atmosphere for your customers to enjoy while they wait, as well as give them something to do in between services or when they have some downtime.”


But business TV packages are “growing up”—and businesses have more options and flexibility than ever for customizing their TV experience to their customers’ preferences. Here are three key ways businesses that subscribe to TV services can tailor their offering to best fit their needs:


  1. Pick the best channel lineup.


Have a restaurant or sports bar and want to draw in a crowd for March Madness or Major League Baseball season? Have a retail store that sells kitchenware and think your guests and shoppers would enjoy watching cooking shows? Are many of your customers Spanish-speaking?


A TV subscription service such as Spectrum Business TV offers a wide range of packages and add-ons so you can design a channel lineup that fits your customer base. For example, business TV subscribers can add packages with channels featuring the sports their customers care about most, whether that’s basketball, tennis or hockey. There’s also an add-on with channels for Latino viewers.


  1. Let your customers choose what they watch.


You no longer have to decide what all your customers watch—they can choose for themselves.


Customers who have downloaded the Spectrum TV App can access your full channel lineup on their personal devices, whether a smartphone or tablet. They can browse channels and pick whichever program or channel appeals to them.


In an age when people are used to having an endless amount of online content at their fingertips, the ability to self-select what they watch can be a major competitive advantage over businesses that don’t offer that flexibility.


It also means that businesses can offer TV service to customers outside of, say, their general waiting area. A medical office could let patients watch TV on their own devices while waiting in the patient room.


  1. Bundle your business TV with other services.


Getting a package that bundles TV with other technology services such as business high-speed internet and customer WiFi, not only saves money but also can help ensure you have the internet speed and bandwidth to support your customers’ TV streaming needs. You can get a TV streaming service, for example, bundled with gig-speed internet.


Bars and restaurants will especially want to think about how TV can enhance their customer experience, says Kam Talebi, owner and CEO of Kaskaid Hospitality`, a Bloomington, Minnesota-based restaurant group.


“In the hospitality industry, it’s good to have a television above the bar,” Talebi says. “Even if it’s not a sports bar, people seated there will want to see sports.”


He adds: “Whatever is on the TV gives them a subject to broach with the people sitting near them. Having a TV in your business helps bring people together.”

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