Your small business makes a big difference in your community and the country. And when you’re ready to reopen, Spectrum Business is happy to help and proud to support you.

Choose from a selection of fun, FREE downloadable posters to let your customers know you’re back in business. You can print the poster or share it on social media.

Very, Very, Very Open Sign
“Very, Very, Very Open” Sign
Today's Special: We're Open Sign
“Today’s Special: We’re Open!” Sign
Please Come In! Seriously. Sign
“Please Come In! Seriously.” Sign
Coffee Missed You Too Sign
“Coffee Missed You Too” Sign
Grand Re-opening Sign
“Grand Re-opening” Sign
Thanks for Waiting Sign
“Thanks for Waiting!” Sign
Finally Open (Again) Sign
“Finally Open (Again)” Sign
You Smell Correctly Sign
“You Smell Correctly” Sign
Please Come In - It's allowed now Sign
“Please Come In – It’s allowed now” Sign
Yes, We're Really Open Sign
“Yes, We’re Really Open” Sign
We're Open (Again) Sign
“We’re Open (Again)” Sign
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