Almost all online entrepreneurs will at one point have struggled with productivity issues. With so many potential distractions online, maintaining a strict schedule can be difficult. Doing business online means your working environment becomes the same place you socialize and unwind, so it is hard to make a clear distinction. While it is probably impossible to completely eradicate all distractions, it is possible to improve your work process to get more done. Each of the following productivity tips for entrepreneurs can be used to get more done in less time.


Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing tasks is the best way to ensure your most important goals are met. There will be times when you might not complete everything you intended, but your important tasks can be completed first. The low priority tasks have a smaller impact, so there is less issue with rescheduling them. While most entrepreneurs are highly motivated people, as the day goes on this motivation lessens. Early mornings might not be your most productive time, but learn to prioritize around your optimum working hours.


Schedule Email and Social Media

Email and social media are probably the two biggest distractions online. A major problem is that both these platforms are used for business, so it is easy to convince yourself that you are working and being productive. In most cases, though, email and social media are being used to avoid the work that will produce the greatest results. Schedule email and social media for designated times in the day, so you can completely focus your attention on the priorities.


Start Your Project Now

Entrepreneurs are often perfectionists, making them reluctant to start a project until everything is in place. Planning your project is important, but perfectionism can be unproductive if you are waiting too long to get started. In many cases, starting a project will reveal many factors you had not initially considered, so you are automatically forced to amend your plans. You don’t need to be disorganized, but it can help to be bold with planning and adapt to any obstacles you encounter.


Computer Breaks

Most people recognize the need for work breaks, but often this involves browsing the internet. An effective break should involve moving away from your computer, with an avoidance of screens and technology also important. Exercise is a good option, whether this is just a walk, yoga, or going to the gym. After a computer break, you should feel refreshed and far more productive.



Outsourcing should be considered early into the process of setting up your business. There will be tasks that are time-consuming, but they are a requirement of your operations. Rather than spend vast quantities of time on simple tasks, consider outsourcing them to qualified professionals. Outsourcing usually involves finding a suitable remote worker or employing an outsourcing company, but you may prefer to start an office as you grow.


Make Tasks Measurable

There will be many business tasks that you recognize as important, but it might be difficult to quantify the results they bring in. Try to make these tasks measurable, making it easier to see if you are hitting targets. The measurements might not be as clear as advertising spend or conversion rates, but finding a way to understand the results can help you maintain productivity. The ability to look over past data, understand what provided good results, and find small tweaks that will make improvements are essential if you want direction in your business.


Don’t Dwell on Mistakes

Every entrepreneur makes mistakes, but it is usually unproductive to dwell on them. While it is important to understand where the mistake was made, it is often difficult to pinpoint one single error in the bigger issues. Instead of focusing too much on what went wrong, focus instead on moving forward towards your targeted goals.


Most entrepreneurs experience times when they feel they are not achieving as much as possible. A business always has new tasks that can be done, so it is common for an entrepreneur to feel that work is incomplete. Rather than putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, though, monitor your productivity to ensure you maintain a high level. You might never feel completely satisfied, but you can quickly reach a level where your business is highly productive and thriving.

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