4 Automated HR Solutions Designed for Small Businesses


by Kelly Spors


From providing employee benefits to onboarding new employees to dealing with an increasing number of compliance issues, managing human resources for even a small group of employees can put a business owner over the edge.

An HR solution can free up your staff to focus on more profitable and strategic tasks.


Thankfully, there’s a growing array of HR solutions that can handle many of these duties, freeing up you and your staff to work on more profitable and strategic tasks. These solutions can provide companies with a wide range of payroll and HR services, including employee onboarding and training, regulatory compliance, time-off tracking, and benefits management.  


Surveys have found that HR technology can reduce time spent on human resources by 40% to 50% and lower administrative costs by 40%, according to CareerBuilder. Here are four affordable HR solutions designed for SMBs to check out:



Gusto provides full-service payroll, health benefits administration, workers’ compensation administration, and paid-time-off tracking, as well as several additional services. The cost starts at $6 per month per employee, on top of a $39 monthly base fee. Gusto adds more services under plans that cost $12 per month plus, with a larger $149 monthly fee under the company’s Concierge plan.



Zenefits provides a basic HR platform with customized employee onboarding, analytics  and other services for $5 per employee per month, on top of a $40 monthly base fee. Add time-off tracking, Affordable Care Act compliance, a compliance assistant, and an HR library, and the $5 per month rises to $9 per month per employee. A Zenefits Customer Community helps you figure out answers to pressing questions, plus networking to improve your HR expertise.



BambooHR provides several employee administration and recruiting features, including time-off tracking, training and benefits. It integrates with other services, such as payroll and applicant information. You must contact BambooHR for a customized price quote.



Paycor can provide payroll and HR services such as time and attendance and benefits administration. As a company grows, it can add additional services such as Affordable Care Act compliance and workers compensation. Businesses can contact Paycor through its website for a customized price quote.


Before you choose an HR automation provider, evaluate your company’s needs and select one that has the right features and benefits.

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