Mobile phones have become the primary mode of communication for consumers, with 85% of Americans now owning a smartphone. Given these trends, it only makes sense that businesses start fully embracing mobile communications as well as the many advantages it can offer their operations.


“Having a business mobile plan gives you and your employees much more flexibility in terms of how you can engage customers and the speed at which you can work,” says Danny Bowman, chief mobile officer for Spectrum Business. “You don’t have to wait until you’re back at your desk to get business tasks done—everything is at your fingertips wherever you happen to be.”


Here are four key reasons your business should consider getting a business mobile plan in 2022, if you haven’t already:


1. Offering an exceptional customer experience


“Small businesses have really been increasing their technology use over the past couple of years, and using mobile technology is one key way they are gaining a competitive edge.”


Whether you have a brick-and-mortar retail store or your employees travel to customers’ homes or workplaces, mobile communications can greatly elevate your customer experience, Bowman says. For example, you can bring tablet computers or smartphones and show them photos or information about the work you’re doing for them. You can let them make purchases using a payment card reader attached to a mobile device or review and sign agreements on the spot—so they don’t have to walk to the checkout counter or wait for an email to arrive.


“Small businesses have really been increasing their technology use over the past couple of years, and using mobile technology is one key way they are gaining a competitive edge,” Bowman adds.


2. Mobile speeds are increasing dramatically

5G mobile networks—which are being rolled out across the U.S.—are generally at least 10 times faster than 4G and are expected to keep getting faster as investments in 5G technology expand.


What this means: Mobile’s capabilities and ultimately its value to businesses are increasing, as employees can work faster and more easily take advantage of things that didn’t work as well on slower 3G and 4G networks, such as augmented reality and video streaming and production. (Spectrum Business Mobile offers 5G mobile devices and access, combining cellular service with high-speed internet and WiFi to deliver seamless connectivity and faster data speeds.)


3. Productivity—on the go

Small and midsize companies use a large range of cloud-based tools today, from customer relationship management (CRM) to project management to communication software. Being able to access those tools from anywhere means your employees can work more efficiently.


“With staffing challenges, increased online competition and fluid regulations, small businesses need to step up their game and become more efficient,” Bowman says.


4. Enhanced security

Mobile devices offer some advantages when it comes to business security—especially when the business provides mobile devices to its employees rather than letting them use personal devices. You can put mobile device management solutions on them that allow you to better control how the phones are used and protect them from security breaches, Bowman says.


“By leveraging modern secure tools rather than, say, an Excel spreadsheet of customer names, companies can protect their business and their customers’ information from an attack,” he adds.” Mobile devices make it easier and more secure to access these tools and make sure your employees are using security best practices with the devices that can access your business assets.”


Spectrum Business Mobile—available to all Spectrum Business Internet customers—offers unlimited data, talk and text plans with 5G capabilities starting at just $29.99 a month. To learn more, contact us at 855-299-9353.

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