If your office or other business facility still relies solely on wired devices (think stationary desktop computers) to access the internet, you’re probably missing out on big opportunities to run your business more efficiently and effectively.


Consider that by 2022, about half of all internet traffic will move via WiFi, according to a recent report by networking gear maker Cisco.The rest will be split between wired (29%) and cellular (20%).


In the workplace, WiFi is generally more important than wired or cellular networks because it’s the most convenient way for employees to access the internet—without sacrificing on speed, says Chris Thompson, director of enterprise solutions for Huntsville, Alabama-based networking company ADTRAN.


Here are four big reasons WiFi is critical for businesses today:


1. It enables you to use all sorts of wireless devices.

Businesses today must accommodate a growing number of wireless gadgets, from employees’ personal and business smartphones to “smart devices”—whether sensored light switches to numerically controlled machinery. The only way to facilitate the use of these various wireless devices is through WiFi.


2. It’s fast, reliable and affordable.

Without WiFi, you and your employees will probably have to rely on a cellular network when someone needs to, say, use a smartphone or tablet for work. Having WiFi allows you to access your company’s secure high-speed internet connection from anywhere in the office, as long as you have the credentials to log into that WiFi network. Moreover, this avoids using up minutes on a personal or business cellular data plan.


Especially as businesses rely more on cloud-based software for critical functions, WiFi becomes even more valuable—as you and your employees will be relying on internet access continually. “Every cloud service and resource we use is over WiFi, and we’re not in a unique situation,” Thompson says.


3. It empowers mobility and collaboration.

WiFi frees workers from stationary workstations and offices. It means they can easily access the internal network, key documents and software from wherever they happen to be working in your facility—allowing them to collaborate more efficiently with colleagues on projects. Moreover, it opens up all kinds of uses, from tablet-based patient check-in systems in doctor’s offices to employees securely answering email from the factory breakroom. “It really brings out the power of collaboration when work can be mobile and seamless,” Thompson says.


4. It bolsters security—and speed.

With small businesses increasingly targets of hackers, it’s more important than ever to ensure your business data is protected. Having a business WiFi network solely for your employees—along with a separate WiFi hotspot for guests—greatly reduces the risk that a visitor to your business can hack into your network and steal data. Moreover, having business WiFi means guests using the WiFi hotspot won’t consume bandwidth and slow down the internet that your employees rely on.


Why WiFi is the future of business

In the future, WiFi will only become more valuable to businesses, says Joe Ferdinando, president of New York City-based small business IT support services provider HotHeadTech.com. For one thing, businesses will increasingly adopt all sorts of smart devices to enhance their operations and customer service.


Smart companies, Ferdinando adds, are getting ready for the future by getting WiFi today.


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