Pretty much everyone knows that gig-speed internet is super-fast—transferring 1,000 megabits of data per second. But do you know what that speed can deliver for your business?


Wondering If gigabit internet is worth It?

Having gig-speed internet means your business can easily support several employees using multiple connected devices at the same time. But beyond that, gig-speed internet can have many positive ripple effects through your business. Here are four less-obvious ways it can benefit you and your employees.


​​Business benefits of gig-speed internet


1. Seamlessly leverage video and other bandwidth-intensive technologies

Streaming video is one of the most bandwidth-intensive activities for many businesses. From video meetings with clients and prospects to creating marketing and educational videos to livestreaming on social media, it’s becoming a critical part of many businesses’ operations.


“Gig-speed internet can ensure that the Zoom meetings going on in your office can take place with the sharpest video, the clearest audio and the least possible delay,” says Devon Fata, founder and CEO of Pixoul, a Dallas-based digital consultancy and design firm. “It can also improve the effectiveness of remote desktop access for tech support or accessing specialized apps from anywhere. Beyond this are more specialized uses like 3D rendering, virtual reality and video production.”


2. More satisfied employees

Employee satisfaction is critical to your workplace environment, and you don’t want your employees grumbling about slow internet or the inability to quickly access the tools and information they need to do their jobs effectively.


“Gig-speed internet has become a whole culture unto itself at our company and has acted as an incentive when it comes to our recruitment,” says Alina Clark, co-founder of CocoDoc, a Los Angeles-based company that offers a PDF document editing tool. “High-speed connectivity creates a dynamic and agile workplace.”


3. Better customer experience

If your employees are able to work and access information faster, they can also serve your customers faster.


“My number one reason for having gig-speed internet is customer service,” says Daivat Dholakia, director of operations for Force by Mojio, which makes a GPS fleet-tracking technology. “Slower internet means that there will be lags in your ability to respond to customer needs, especially if your customer service leans heavily on CRM software, live chat and other digital solutions. The ability to instantly get an issue resolved is a huge time-saver for your team, and it also prevents customer churn due to slow or subpar service.”


“My number one reason for having gig-speed internet is customer service.”


4. More agility—and revenue-generating opportunities

The ability to facilitate so many different connected technologies at once ultimately means your company can be more agile, allowing you to try out new business tools and tech-driven strategies.


On the other hand, relying on a low-bandwidth internet connection, such as DSL, can limit your potential because you can’t easily leverage new technologies without the risk of them not working effectively and efficiently.


As more businesses look to digitally transform their operations, having ultra-fast internet can support the many tools and provide the employee and customer experience they are looking to have.


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