Thanks to high-speed cellular networks like 5G and advanced mobile device technology, smartphones have only gotten smarter and faster. For business owners, this means they’re opening up a world of opportunity to transform how and from where business is done.


“Mobile devices are wonderful for businesses because they let you work from anywhere, not just the office,” says Dustin Lemick, founder and CEO of BriteCo Jewelry Insurance in Evanston, Illinois. “Even in the office, you can work while on the move. It doesn’t keep you chained to a desk if you’re trying to multitask.”


How do small businesses use mobile technology? Here are four ways to use business mobile to help your business grow:


  1. Responding to customers’ inquiries and needs faster


Whether via calls, emails or text messages, mobile allows business owners and their employees to respond to customers’ inquiries from wherever they happen to be. And SMS texting apps—such as TextMagic or EZTexting—can be used on a computer or a mobile phone to send either customers or employees bulk or individual texts quickly and easily manage those conversations.


“Mobile devices have transformed our communication and collaboration within the team,” says Zarina Bahadur, founder and CEO of 123 Baby Box, a custom box delivery service for new parents based in Los Angeles. “With messaging and productivity apps, we can stay connected on the go, which has streamlined our internal processes and decision-making. Our team can address urgent matters promptly, leading to better efficiency and faster problem-solving.”


  1. Using mobile phone checkout systems


More businesses are using mobile devices to help customers pay their bills faster—essentially turning their mobile phone into a payment terminal that can accept chip-based credit cards or contactless payment methods. Payment providers such as Square, Stripe, and Clover offer this functionality.


In fact, the mobile point-of-sale terminals market is expected to grow 10% annually over the next decade, according to Global Market Insights.


Mobile payment terminals can be especially valuable for mobile businesses, such as home contractors and home services providers who can ask their customers to pay on the spot using a credit card or another digital payment method.


  1. Using mobile to capture video and photos


Mobile allows business owners to think about new opportunities to share information with their customers beyond just voice or text. For example, employees can record videos via mobile that can be placed on social media to drive more engagement.


Businesses can also use mobile to take photos that enrich the customer experience. For example, a clothing boutique owner can take photos of new apparel items that a customer may be interested in to help personalize the customer experience, and a homebuilder can take photos of their progress in constructing a home to keep their customer in the loop.


  1. Using mobile apps to access, collect and store more data on the go


Today, many business software programs offer mobile apps that let users access and input data from their mobile devices. For example, an employee can access the customer relationship management (CRM) platform via their smartphone or tablet to get more background on a customer right before or after they meet with them. They can also add new details to the CRM based on that meeting.


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