Having ultra-fast internet such as gig-speed can benefit your business year-round. But if you’re a business that sees a surge in customer demand or employee work over the busy holiday season, having gig-speed can feel like an especially welcome gift.


“A business with gig-speed internet can expect a significant increase in their productivity levels, as they can get more work done in less time,” says Will Cannon, founder at Signaturely, a Walnut, California-based free e-signature platform. Additionally, businesses that offer customer service will provide a better experience for their customers, as they will be able to respond to queries and concerns more quickly.” 


Around the holidays, this productivity boost and better customer experience can be particularly valuable.


How gig can help around the holidays


While some businesses see activity slow down around the holidays, many businesses—including retailers (offline and online), restaurants, grocery stores, spas and salons—see their sales spike. Along with this spike, they can see their internet usage grow in these ways:


  • Increased website activity: If the business hosts its own website, supporting a flurry of traffic around the holidays relies on have an internet connection with significant bandwidth and speed.


  • More employee tech usage: Employees may be relying on their tech tools more to keep up with demand, whether that’s using the customer relationship management platform, financial software, marketing automation or other cloud-based software they need to do their job.


  • More marketing activity—including video: Around the holidays, you may be doing more marketing and relying on your internet network to create and stream videos, graphics and other bandwidth-intense activities.


  • More video calls and phone calls. If you and your employees host more video conferences or video calls around the holidays, gig can help ensure those calls run smoothly and don’t freeze. Moreover, if your business phone system relies on your internet network, you can ensure a higher customer call volume doens’t impact it.


  • More payment transactions: If customers pay on-site, your payment terminals may get an extra hard workout over the holiday season.


These are just a few examples—your internet usage may go up in lots of different ways over the holidays depending on your tech needs. It’s a good idea to prepare your business for any uptick around the holiday season.


Understand the ROI of gig-speed internet


Although it may seem questionable whether gig-speed internet is worth the extra money to help keep up with your business’s surge in holiday demand, look at it this way: Having gig-speed often costs less than $4 extra per day, but it can significantly improve your employee and customer experience.


Your technology can work seamlessly and efficiently because your network’s bandwidth is less constrained.


With gig-speed, you can be less concerned that heavy network usage will overwhelm the technologies you rely on to serve customers and get work done. For most businesses, that confidence is worth far more than $4 a day.


Want to feel the horsepower of gig-speed internet at your business? Learn more about getting Spectrum Business Internet Gig at your business by contacting us at 855-299-9353. 

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