As business owners rely on a growing array of communication tools—from voice calls to text to instant messaging—uniting these tools into one simple platform not only bolsters productivity. It also provides for a more exceptional customer experience.


Spectrum Business now offers such a platform.


Spectrum Business Connect by RingCentral is a new unified communications platform that provides a wide range of internal and external communications capabilities in one easy-to-use, cloud-hosted portal. It’s available exclusively to Spectrum Business Internet customers.


Here’s a quick look at what it does and how it could help your business:


What it does


Spectrum Business Connect is an all-in-one voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) business phone system featuring a range of other business communication tools. It can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, allowing employees to use it whether they’re working at the office, from home or on-the-go. “It offers a lot of flexibility so that businesses and their employees can adapt their usage to their needs,” says Holly Hinze, vice president of product management, at Charter Communications.


Here are its four main parts:


  1. Voice

You and your employees can make business phone calls at the click of a button using a “soft phone”—software that comes with the system—that can be used on any device. It’s also compatible with standard desk phones, if employees prefer making calls that way.


As with Spectrum Business Voice, Spectrum Business Connect offers dozens of advanced business calling features including call-forwarding options, simultaneous and sequential ring and call hold with music. Beyond that, it offers a robust auto attendant so you can give callers a greeting and menu of options, call recording and analytics to track your call history and data. You can customize your phone services to your needs, such as setting your main business phone number as the number that shows up on caller ID for any employee that makes a call from your business.


You can easily check voicemail from any device you can access the platform from‚ including your mobile device. “There’s a great opportunity to converge the Spectrum Business Connect voice functionality with Spectrum Business Mobile—giving you on-the-go calling functionality and a seamlessness in your customer communications that you won’t find elsewhere, ” Hinze says.


  1. Instant messaging

Your employees will get access to a team messaging platform that allows you to collaborate in real-time, including sharing documents and tagging. You can start calls and video conferencing directly in the instant messaging and form groups or chat individually.


  1. Text messaging

More small businesses today are using text messaging to communicate with customers. Spectrum Business Connect lets you text customers directly from the platform as well as accept inbound texts—even to your main phone number.


  1. Video conferencing

The built-in video conferencing tool makes hosting video calls—whether with your team or externally with clients or others—quick and easy. You can record video calls and and offer many of the advanced features that you might otherwise have to pay a premium for with other video conferencing tools.


How it can benefit your business


As a business owner, you can’t overlook the value of employee productivity and providing exceptional customer experience and service. Spectrum Business Connect can save your employees time and hassle by giving them all the communication tools and functionality they need at their fingertips in a one-stop platform (without having to constantly switch between communication tools throughout their workday).


The platform also lets you keep better track of customer communications across various channels—from voice to text—and can integrate with email and customer relationship management tools, allowing you to store and manage all your customer interaction information in one spot.


“The mobility and collaboration it offers, no matter where your team is working from, is so valuable to businesses today,” Hinze adds. “Flexibility and speed are what give businesses a competitive edge today—and this platform helps them do that.”


Want to see if Spectrum Business Connect is the right fit for your business? Contact us at 855-299-9353.

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