Technology is typically one of the biggest expenses for a small company. Yet it also has the potential to dramatically improve productivity and pay for itself many times over.

Here are five ways that technology can streamline administrative tasks and ease collaboration and mobile work.

Collaborate in Real Time
Instead of sending documents back and forth by email, your employees, vendors and customers can go online to work with files and information in real time using cloud-based collaboration tools. These applications can be used to share large files, spreadsheets, calendars and more. Your company’s authorized users can log in to your cloud-based tools from any location, at any time, on any internet-enabled device—and they’ll always have access to the most current versions of the information they need.

Hold Virtual Meetings
Your team can use internet-based conferencing tools to meet in online conference rooms. They can review presentations, share their computer screens with each other, and use webcams to talk face-to-face. Some conferencing tools also record online meetings so they can be documented or made available on-demand. Virtual meetings not only help your team be more productive, they can also reduce company travel costs.

Use Video for Training
Creating how-to videos can reduce the amount of time your team spends on customer and staff education. Record product demonstrations and troubleshooting tips for clients, and then share them via a company YouTube channel. Simplify employee orientation by videotaping training topics and creating a training library for your team. Today’s tablets and smartphones are equipped with everything you need to capture and share high quality video clips.

Migrate to Mobile Banking
There is a good chance that your small business already uses online banking to check account balances and pay bills online. Advancements in mobile technology have now made it easy for you to bank on the go. Your company can use a smartphone or tablet to deposit checks, check balances, transfer funds and more—all without a trip to the bank’s retail location.

Stay Connected from Anywhere
Today’s telephone technology lets customers use a single phone number to reach your team members wherever they are. Calls can be forwarded to land lines or cell phones during specific hours, or ring simultaneously on multiple devices. Employees who work on the road or from home can answer calls seamlessly, regardless of their location. This means your staff members are always easy to reach.


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