Network Reliability

99.9% network reliability is based on the percentage of time on average that the Spectrum Business network is working at optimal performance within a given month. The following factors can impact the network and are factored into the calculation:

Demand Maintenance:

Any unscheduled event where the network had to be taken down to restore service.

  • Includes: damaged cable/connector, vandalism, new construction, construction repair, node optimization, and backup power source failed.

Scheduled Maintenance:

A maintenance event where the network will need to be taken down (usually scheduled within 12am-6am maintenance window).

  • Includes: network testing and preventative maintenance.


Any non-Power or Maintenance related event (From Hub to Tap).

  • Includes: damaged cable/connector, cleared headend/HUB problem, trap installed/left door tag, vandalism, new construction, construction repair, optimization, EOL testing, and field tech CLI fix.

Outages beyond the control of Spectrum Business are not included in this calculation and are as follows:

  • Acts of God that cause damage to the company’s infrastructure and outages to Spectrum Business customers.
Fiber Cuts:
  • Outside construction that inadvertently cuts Charter fiber lines and causes outages to Spectrum Business customers.
Commercial Power Outage:
  • Any event related to a commercial power outage caused by the utility company.

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