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How to Get the Most From Your Home Phone Service

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While many people have chosen to forego home phone service, there are some features that only a home phone can offer. Spectrum Voice offers a reliable connection with no dropped calls, added taxes or fees. However, that’s just the beginning. Spectrum Voice customers can enjoy up to 28 different calling features that are unique to home phone service.

What’s Included with Spectrum Home Phone Service?

  • 3-Way Calling: Speak to two dierent parties at the same time. Or place one party on hold while you speak privately to the other, then return to the 3-Way Call. 

  • Caller ID: Incoming caller's phone number and name, if available, are displayed on a caller ID unit before you answer the call. 

  • Call Waiting: When you're on the phone, a soft tone will alert you when another person is calling. Go back and forth between the 2 calls while keeping both conversations private.

  • Directory Listing: Choose to list your contact information in the printed phone book or keep your information private. 

  • Return Call: Automatically call back the last received incoming call (available in select markets).

  • Set Backup Phone: Add a backup phone number to forward calls to in the event your Spectrum Voice service is unavailable (available in select markets). 

  • Simultaneous Ring: Don’t miss calls while you're away from home. Choose up to ve additional numbers to ring when you receive incoming calls.

  • Speed Dial: No need to memorize phone numbers when you can program up to 8 numbers for fast, one-digit dialing.

  • Trace Call: Trace a harassing or threatening call to release to law enforcement (available in select markets). 

  • VIP Ring: Assign a distinctive ringtone to specied callers.

  • Voicemail: Retrieve voice messages at anytime from anywhere.

  • Readable Voicemail: Receive a text transcription of your voicemails.

  • Do Not Disturb: Turn this feature on to send all incoming calls to voicemail.

  • Forward All Calls: Forward all incoming calls to another number unconditionally.

  • Forward Selected Calls: Never miss a call from someone important. You can choose up to 30 phone numbers to have forwarded to a designated number.

  • Accept Selected Callers: Limit incoming calls to people whose numbers you specify.

  • Block 900/976 Calls: Block all outgoing calls to 900/976 phone numbers.

  • Block Collect Calls: Block all incoming collect calls.

  • Block International Calls: Block all outgoing international calls.

  • Block 3rd Party Charges: Block 3rd parties from charging calls to your home phone number.

  • Block Anonymous Calls: Reject callers whose Caller ID information is hidden or blocked. Callers will receive a message that you're not accepting Caller ID Blocked calls and will be advised to unblock their number and try their call again.

  • Block Outbound Caller ID: Hide your phone number from the party you are calling. "Private" or "anonymous" will appear on the recipient's phone display.

  • Block Unwanted Callers: Select up to 30 phone numbers to block and automatically route them to a polite message stating that calls are not being accepted at this time.

  • Call Guard: Block malicious robocalls and get a Caller ID alert for other telemarketing calls. Call Guard is automatically enabled for all Spectrum Voice customers.

How Do I Use the Features of Spectrum Home Phone?

Many of  Spectrum’s home phone features can be used by dialing the correct star (*) code shortcuts through the handset. Other features can be accessed online. For a complete list of how to use each feature, check out the How to Use Phone Features and Star Codes article. Some of the more popular features include security options, including blocking robocalls, anonymous calls or any unwanted caller.

How Do I Stop Robocalls on My Landline?

Robocalls and spam calls are illegal, but the FCC is still working to stop these calls from coming through. Make sure your phone service provider offers options to help protect yourself from spammers, such as the features Spectrum offers.

  • Block Anonymous Calls

  • Block Unwanted Callers

  • Call Guard

  • Block 900/976 Calls

If any spam or robocalls do make their way to you, you can contact the FCC and file a complaint. Then, block the phone number to prevent them from contacting you again.  

How Do I Block a Number on My Landline?

Not all unwanted callers are robocalls and scammers. If there's a phone number you'd like to block, Spectrum Voice customers can use the Block Unwanted Callers feature.

How Much Is Spectrum Home Phone Service?

You can get reliable home phone services from Spectrum for just $19.99/mo when bundled with a Spectrum TV or Internet plan. Your home phone service includes instant tracing to 911 services, unlimited nationwide calling and no added taxes or fees. Plus, with convenient features like readable voicemail and speed dial, connecting to others is easy and reliable.

Bundle Spectrum Voice home phone service with your TV or Internet plan to get started.  

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