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Why Do I Need a Home Phone AND a Mobile Phone?

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In the days before cell phones, most homes had one landline that was shared between all family members. These days, many are choosing to forgo their landline in favor of cell phones. With a cell phone in almost every American’s pocket, many are wondering, is it necessary to have a landline phone? Well, don’t cut the phone cord just yet. You might be surprised to learn that there are still quite a few advantages of landline phone service.

9 Reasons to Keep Your Landline

A strong WiFi signal is key to enjoying fast Internet speed on your wireless devices. It’s important to understand that the strength of your WiFi signal can be impacted by how far a device is from your router. The farther you move away from the router, the weaker the signal, which can cause slow and unreliable WiFi connections.

  • Back-up for power outages. Although cell phones run off a rechargeable battery, you might run out of juice during an extended power outage. A landline enables you to plug an older-style telephone straight into the phone jack – no power required. It also gives you another method of communication in case cell service is disrupted for any reason.

  • You might need one. Many security systems require integration with a landline. Some can work with a cell signal, but it might not be as reliable as a landline. If you still use a fax machine, you’ll need a landline for that, too.

  • Simplicity. There are plenty of good reasons to have a cell phone, but some people prefer to just keep things simple and minimal. If you only use your phone to make phone calls, a landline might be your best option.

  • Features. Landlines offer a lot of cool features you may not know about, including Caller ID on TV, VIP Ring, Block Anonymous Calls and readable voicemail.

  • No dropped calls. When was the last time you asked, “Can you hear me now?” during a call on a landline? Landlines offer some of the most reliable phone service you can get.

  • Relocate with confidence. Moving to a new home? Are you sure your cell provider has service in that area? Will you get good reception in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and anywhere else you might want to talk? Install a landline and you’ll never have to worry.

  • Safety. If you ever need to call 911 for an emergency, the operator will know your exact location when you call from a landline. Calls from a cell phone are harder to locate.

  • Affordability. You probably won’t pay very much for your home phone service if you bundle with other services like TV and Internet. If you already have a bundle, cancelling your existing home phone service might increase the cost of your other services.

  • Improved sound quality. Nothing beats the clear, static-free reception of a landline. This can be helpful for those with those with hearing loss. Some home phones can even translate voicemails into large print text, another benefit for the hearing-impaired.

Now that you’ve learned the advantages of landline phone service, what do you think? Have you decided to keep your landline or sign up for new service?

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