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Call Blocking and Spam Call Prevention

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Many people wonder, how do I block unwanted phone calls? Because spam calls are at an all-time high, Spectrum has given customers more control over the phone calls they receive through Spectrum Call Guard – now available to Spectrum Mobile and Voice customers.


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The Importance of Call Blocking for Landlines and Mobile Phones

Not only are spam calls a nuisance, they can be dangerous as well. These “robocalls” may originate from scammers anywhere around the world, often seeking to steal personal information, such as names, addresses, social security numbers and bank account details.

Being able to identify and block these nefarious spam calls has become a modern necessity. With Call Guard, Spectrum has a sophisticated way to block illegal and unwanted robocalls.  

Spam Call Blocking: Stop Unwanted Calls with Call Guard

Spectrum Call Guard is an advanced smart call blocker that helps protect customers with mobile and home phone services.

Call Guard automatically grades each incoming call with a reputation score generated by industry-leading data and predictive analytics. Calls with a negative reputation score of “-2” or “-3” receive a label of “Potential Spam” when presented to the user, whereas calls with a “-4” are completely blocked. Of course, Spectrum’s spam call blocker is set up so that calls with a positive reputation score are immediately directed to the call receiver.

Customers can use the My Spectrum App to view blocked numbers and add allowed numbers that may have a spam label to make sure those calls are delivered. 

If your device isn’t compatible with Spectrum Mobile, remember that you can shop for a new phone or trade in your current phone when you choose a Spectrum Mobile plan. You’ll often find trade-in deals on Spectrum Mobile, too. It’s just one more way you can save with Spectrum. 

Blocking Spam Calls on iPhone and Android

Call Guard is a feature available to Spectrum Mobile customers with iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. So if you are looking for either iPhone call blocking or Android call blocking, Call Guard will automatically block most malicious, illegal or fraudulent phone calls.

Learn more about how Call Guard works and how to get the most out of Spectrum’s spam call blocker. You can also view more Spectrum Mobile security features or shop flexible Spectrum Mobile data plans at your convenience.  

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