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What Is Xumo?

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Spectrum is thrilled to partner with Xumo to deliver the next generation of TV streaming. With Xumo and Spectrum TV®, you can experience a whole new way to stream entertainment from your favorite streaming apps, Spectrum’s live TV channels and On Demand library with any device.

Xumo Stream Box plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI input. Then you can quickly find your favorite live TV, local channels and streaming apps – all seamlessly integrated on one screen – so you can watch what you want, faster – whether it’s on Spectrum TV or one or your subscribed apps.  

Exploring Xumo TV Channels

Xumo features 300+ free TV channels available on Xumo Play. Xumo Play channels include major networks, lifestyle channels and sports stations like the NFL Channel, Fox Sports and more.

For regional coverage and local channels, you can find the right Spectrum TV plan to get the news and shows you need. Use the FREE Spectrum TV App to stream live TV and On Demand content at home or on-the-go. 

Xumo vs. Other Streaming Platforms

What makes Xumo so different from other streaming platforms like Roku, Pluto or Tubi? First, Xumo makes it easy to explore and find what you want across all your favorite streaming apps. With full integration across accounts, devices and entertainment choices, Xumo’s convenience is unparalleled.

Other unique Xumo features include:

  • Voice Search – The voice-activated remote streamlines searches. Just speak a title, genre or actor and instantly navigate through all available choices.
  • Instant Access – Just plug the stream box in and you’re set – with live TV starting automatically and top apps pre-installed.
  • Free Content – There’s over 300 free channels on Xumo Play, plus 85,000 free On Demand shows and movies included with any Spectrum TV plan. 

How to Get Started with Xumo on Spectrum

Watching Xumo with Spectrum is affordable and easy. You can get a FREE Xumo Stream Box for 6 months when you add Spectrum TV. For additional Xumo Stream Boxes, it’s just $5/mo per unit. 

And with Spectrum One Stream , you can get Internet, FREE Advanced WiFi and one FREE Unlimited line for 12 months plus a FREE Xumo Stream Box for 6 months when you add a Spectrum TV plan. Shop Xumo with Spectrum.


Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a Xumo Stream Box with your TV is easy and only takes a few minutes. Plug in your Xumo Stream Box, connect it to a power source and TV. Connect to WiFi and follow the on-screen activation steps. Learn more about installing your Xumo Stream Box

Yes, the Spectrum TV App comes pre-installed with Xumo and a Spectrum TV plan

Yes, with Spectrum One Stream, you get Internet, FREE Advanced WiFi and one FREE Unlimited Mobile line for 12 months – plus a FREE Xumo Stream Box for 6 months when you add Spectrum TV.

No, you can use the Xumo Stream Box with Spectrum TV on any TV with an HDMI input, and the Xumo Play app is available to download for free. 

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