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“Everything is so much faster and we’re saving money.”

Jamie B., Indiana


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People who have switched to Spectrum Internet enjoy high-speed Internet they can depend on. Check out what our customers are saying about Spectrum Internet – then find the right plan for your home!

Spectrum Internet Rated by Real Customers

Internet Speed

3.5/5 stars

“Everything is so much faster and we’re saving money.”

Jamie B., Indiana – 2024

“I’m satisfied with the speed I get from the internet and have shared numerous times with my family, friends and co-workers how awesome Spectrum is.”

Carole A., Ohio – 2024


“Internet is fast and reliable.”

Nicole M., Florida – 2024

“The speed and strength of signal is very good.”

Paul P., New York – 2024


Spectrum Internet Plans

Choose from 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps or 1 Gig plans so you get all the speed you need. All Spectrum Internet plans include a FREE modem and antivirus software with NO data caps or contracts.



3.4/5 stars

“My grandchildren use it when they visit. It always works good. I am thankful to have Spectrum. Customer service is excellent.”

Lynda G., Tennessee – 2024

“We get reliable service no matter how many devices are using the internet.”

Tonya C., Texas - 2024


“Most reliable internet provider in our rural area.”

Kim L., New York – 2024

“Good coverage, cheaper than ATT, reliable.”

Mark B., Maine – 2024


Customer Service

3.5/5 stars

“Love Spectrum. Everything they do, from customer service to helping over the phone. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

Margaret M., California – 2024

“Spectrum has provided me with excellent TV & Internet service! Whenever a problem arises their response service/technical support is unequaled by rival services! I’ve urged all my family & friends to opt for Spectrum as their cable and Internet service.”

William W., New York – 2024


“The customer service is excellent.”

Juanita D., South Carolina – 2024

“Overall great service, great customer service, great prices, and quick initial installation.”

Alexcia H., New York – 2024


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FAQs About Spectrum Internet

Spectrum offers fast, reliable Internet plans at an affordable price – with speeds available from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gig. Spectrum Internet is powered by a fiber-rich broadband network, which is a hybrid of fiber and coaxial cable.  

Spectrum Internet is a top option among home Internet providers with 99.9% network reliability and the most reliable Internet speeds. Find out what's taken into consideration when determining our network reliability.

5G Home Internet delivers Internet service wirelessly by broadcasting radio frequency signals to a receiver located at your home. Spectrum Internet is delivered to homes via a wired connection with 99.9% network reliability. Spectrum Internet delivers more reliable speeds than 5G home Internet at peak times.

Spectrum Internet also delivers faster speeds than so called “5G” home Internet, which relies on cell phone towers. Cell phone Internet speeds can slow at peak times and provider may de-prioritize traffic behind other customers.