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How to Secure Your WiFi Network

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WiFi offers a reliable connection for devices ranging from TVs to tablets, fridges to baby monitors and everything in between. However, connecting that many devices can make it challenging to know which devices are supposed to be connected to your network and which are not. Securing your WiFi network is the best way to protect you and your family.

Much like you wouldn’t leave your home’s front door open, you should never leave your WiFi network unprotected and susceptible to unauthorized users. 

Securing Connected Computers and Devices

Protect your devices from cyberattacks and stolen data by taking precautionary steps. Encrypting your data, changing your network name and password, using firewalls and frequently monitoring which devices are connected to your WiFi network are all reliable ways to keep your devices and information secure.

Spectrum Advanced WiFi comes with Security Shield and antivirus protection for additional device and network safety. Security Shield automatically detects and blocks malicious websites, phishing scams and Internet-originated attacks against devices in the home. Through the My Spectrum App, you can see which devices are connected to your home network and what threats have been detected and blocked by Security Shield.

How Can You See Who Is Connected to Your WiFi?

Some Internet providers allow you to monitor your WiFi network and see which devices are connected at any given time. Spectrum Advanced WiFi shows you exactly which devices are connected from the My Spectrum App. If you find an unauthorized device, you can pause it at any time to prevent traffic to and from that device over your WiFi network. 

What is Advanced WiFi?

To connect your devices wirelessly, you’ll need WiFi. With Spectrum Advanced WiFi, you can manage your in-home WiFi network from anywhere with the My Spectrum App. 

  • Optimize your bandwidth. Spectrum Advanced WiFi automatically improves your connection’s overall performance to give you the fastest wireless speeds.

  • Control who’s connected. View and manage all devices connected to your network and receive notifications when new devices connect.

  • Manage your network. View, update and share your network information from the My Spectrum App. You can also adjust your WiFi settings, pause WiFi access anytime and troubleshoot your equipment. 

  • Secure your devices. With Advanced WiFi, all devices connected to your home WiFi network are protected. Security is simple when your connected devices are blocked from accessing known malicious sites. 

Home Automation vs. Smart Homes vs. Connected Homes

Home Automation

Home automation allows users to connect household devices to the Internet for easier access, more control and to save money on utility bills. 

Smart Homes

Setting up a smart home and automated tasks involves home automation. “Smart home” refers to a home where many of the devices and appliances are connected to the Internet to match the owner’s lifestyle (shutting off WiFi access after a certain time, automating the home’s temperature while away, etc.). Many “smart home” devices have home automation features built in that allow them to communicate with other devices and create an ecosystem in the home.

Connected Homes

Connected homes are also closely related to smart homes, but they do not “think for themselves.” You will need to signal to the device to make it respond via a remote, an app or a button. 

Spectrum Advanced WiFi

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