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HBO Max to MAX – Why Is the Change Happening?

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By now you may have seen that HBO Max has changed to Max. What does the change mean and is there a difference between HBO Max and Max?

The HBO Max change is more than a simple rebrand – Max is the enhanced service replacing HBO Max. While Max will still carry the HBO shows and movies you know and love, Max also includes new content in a variety of genres, including true crime, reality, food and lifestyle. 

A group of friends watching TV with MAX

What It Means for Spectrum Customers

In looking at HBO Max vs Max, you may be wondering what kind of changes Spectrum customers can expect with the HBO to Max shift. As mentioned, you can still enjoy all your favorite HBO movies and shows, plus added benefits with Max:

  • New Video Playback Experience – Max enhancements include a new content delivery system designed to make streaming smoother and more enjoyable.
  • More than Double the Content – With hundreds of new shows from Food Network, Discovery Channel, HGTV and more, there is now over 35,000 hours of programming on Max.
  • Accessibility Features – Max supports screen reader technology on a range of streaming devices and platforms, including Roku, Xbox, PlayStation 5, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, on the web and more.
  • Kid-Friendly Setup – Max offers a default kids profile alongside parental controls that allow you to lock access to adult profiles and limit programming by rating.
  • New Download Feature – Max also includes an all-new download experience intended to be more reliable than with HBO Max. 

How to Access MAX with Spectrum

Spectrum TV® customers can access Max and its new features for just $15/mo. With live TV plus thousands of FREE ON Demand titles included in every Spectrum TV plan, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies on any screen, anywhere.  

And when you sign up for a TV plan, you’ll get a FREE Xumo Stream Box for 6 months so you can access live TV, Max and other top streaming apps all in one place for streaming, simplified

Add MAX to Your Spectrum TV Plan

Enjoy the HBO shows you already love while discovering new favorites on the all-new Max platform. Spectrum makes it easy to stream Max alongside TV and other streaming apps. Just add Max to your Spectrum TV plan for a low monthly price to get started. 

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