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What Is Streaming?

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Streaming is the transmission of media over an Internet connection. Many people use streaming to access TV shows, movies, music, podcasts and other types of content.

How Does Streaming Work?

All files sent over the Internet are broken down into data packets. These packets contain portions of the larger file. When you stream, your Internet connection allows your device to interpret these packets one by one as video, audio or both without having to download the entire file first.

Streaming, Casting or Mirroring

“Streaming” is the ability to access content, including video, via an IP-connected or wireless device.

“Casting” and “mirroring” both refer to sending a signal from one device to another. An example may be playing a video from your phone and casting (or “sending”) it onto a TV or another larger screen. However, casting allows users to still use their phone without interrupting the video, whereas mirroring shows exactly what appears on the phone on the larger screen.

How Can I Start Streaming TV?

Customers with Spectrum TV and Spectrum Internet can automatically stream content without any additional purchases or fees, as long as their device is connected to the Internet. We recommend downloading the Spectrum TV App to access your favorite content. It’s available at no extra charge and can be installed on most operating systems, including:

 •  iOS
 •  Android
 •  Apple TV
 •  Chromecast
 •  Kindle
 •  Xbox One
 •  Samsung Smart TVs

You can use the Spectrum TV App to stream both inside and outside your home. Plus, the app’s compatibility with Chromecast and Apple AirPlay makes it easier to cast or mirror your favorite content to a larger screen.

How Can I Access 4k and UHD Programming?

Ultra-High Definition (UHD), or 4K, is available to Spectrum customers with Apple TV 4K. UHD and 4K are interchangeable terms that refer to the same resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

Streaming with Spectrum

Spectrum TV customers can stream live TV and On Demand content both at home and on-the-go with the Spectrum TV App. To access your favorite shows in Ultra-High Definition (4K), Spectrum customers can order the Apple TV 4K streaming device and a Spectrum Remote for Apple TV, which offers an enhanced experience and easy-to-use buttons. 

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