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How Much Is Spectrum Internet Only?

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Once a high-tech luxury, home Internet service has now become a staple in most American households. Many people decide to bundle high-speed Internet service with cable TV or mobile phone plans, but going with Internet-only has plenty of benefits worth considering.

When looking at which Internet-only plan is right for you, one of the biggest factors is price. While the average price for Internet in the U.S. is $64/mo, it’s important to remember that not all plans are created equal. How much Internet-only will cost you depends on your region, your desired download/upload speed and other factors. 

America’s leading Internet provider, Spectrum, offers Internet-only service from $49.99/mo for 12 months with Auto Pay, and includes starting speeds up to 300 Mbps. Even faster Internet-only plans include Spectrum Internet Ultra with speeds up to 500 Mbps or Spectrum Internet Gig with speeds up to 1 Gbps. Wireless speeds may vary.

This article will help you learn if Internet-only service is your best option. And, if so, you can find out how to choose the plan that’s right for your needs. 

Why Choose an Internet-Only Plan?

Interested in Internet-only? Choosing a standalone home Internet service plan might be right for you. Here are some of the most common reasons to find an Internet-only provider: 

  • Value – While bundling home Internet service with cable TV usually costs less than buying the two services separately, not everyone needs or wants cable TV. Going the route of Internet-only can save you money if you want to stick with streaming services for your news and entertainment, but that may not always be the case. The rising costs of streaming services could eventually surpass the money you’re saving today with an Internet-only plan. 
  • Peace of mind – If you are temporarily renting or in a budget-conscious state of mind, consider an affordable Internet-only plan that doesn’t lock you into long-term contracts. You won’t be stuck with any long-term contracts with Spectrum Internet.
  • Lifestyle – These days, it’s not only gamers who need fast Internet connections. Those who need serious speed for downloading and uploading can find the right plan when opting for Internet-only service. That's why choosing Spectrum Internet, verified to have the fastest Internet and WiFi speeds in the nation, makes sense. 

How to Choose an Internet-Only Plan

When looking for the right Internet-only plan, it’s crucial to consider speed, price, contracts and more.  Remember, not all Internet-only providers are created equal, so you want to do your homework. 

Speed – High-speed Internet matters more to some households than others. If you have a family that tends to stream from multiple devices at once, you’ll need a plan to support that bandwidth. Others might not need a high-speed connection, and can save by choosing a more affordable plan with a lower speed. 

Reliability – From online shopping and online learning to working remotely, your Internet service is more important than ever. Spectrum has a network reliability of 99.9%.

  • Cost – Of course, price matters to most people. If you count yourself among them, you’ll want to consider installation fees, buying or renting equipment like a modem and if there are data caps in the plan. Unlike many other Internet service providers (ISPs), Spectrum Internet includes a FREE modem with all home Internet plans and does not impose a data cap. 
  • Contract – Some ISPs lock you into contracts, while others – like Spectrum Internet – operate month-to-month. Contracts are tricky to get out of and might include cancellation fees, so keep that in mind when looking for the right Internet-only plan.
  • Customer service – Your research should include doing some homework on the ISP itself. Specifically, what kind of customer service do they provide? Since you might need to contact them for technical support or changing plans, finding a friendly, responsive provider is worth your time. Spectrum offers online self-service troubleshooting at Spectrum.net, as well as the My Spectrum App, the highest-rated support app in the U.S. among all national telecommunications providers. 

Internet Speeds, Plans and Options

As mentioned, it’s no secret that speed matters for home Internet. You want to find a plan that meets the bandwidth expectations of your household – without paying for more than you need. 

But how do you know what you need in the first place? Testing your current Internet speed is a great starting point. Use Spectrum’s Internet speed test to see how your current download and upload speeds line up with your expectations. 

Spectrum Internet Only Pricing

If you are wondering about the cost of Spectrum Internet only, you’re not alone. Spectrum is America’s leading Internet provider for a reason: you can choose the plan that’s right for you – without any extras: 





$49.99/mo for 12 mos with Auto Pay

Up to 300 Mbps*

Internet Ultra

$69.99/mo for 24 mos with Auto Pay

Up to 500 Mbps*

Internet Gig

$79.99/mo for 24 mos with Auto Pay

Up to 1 Gbps*

* Wireless speeds may vary.

You can also add Spectrum Advanced WiFi to any Spectrum Internet plan for just $7/mo. Spectrum Advanced WiFi provides enhanced protection with Security Shield, plus built-in WiFi 6 technology for a stronger, faster connection, supporting speeds up to 1 Gbps. And the My Spectrum App lets you manage your home WiFi network, see which devices are connected and set parental controls.

Spectrum Internet offers fast speeds, great prices, a FREE modem and NO contracts. With 99.9% network reliability, Spectrum Internet is a great choice. Shop Internet today.  


Make the right choice with Spectrum Internet®, delivering speed and reliability you can count on. Shop our best deals now.

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