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Spectrum WiFi Pods: Everything You Need to Know

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In large houses and in homes with thick walls, floors or appliances, getting quality WiFi coverage in every room can sometimes be a challenge. Spectrum offers WiFi extenders called WiFi Pods that offer more consistent coverage throughout your home. You can use the discreet yet powerful WiFi Pods as WiFi range extenders in your Spectrum home WiFi network

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What Are Spectrum WiFi Pods?

Spectrum WiFi Pods are WiFi extenders that help maximize WiFi performance. WiFi Pods eliminate dead spots and provide greater range and strength of home WiFi coverage in the rooms and floors with weaker WiFi signal.

WiFi Pods connect seamlessly to a Spectrum Advanced WiFi router, which secures your home WiFi network and lets you manage the network from anywhere with America’s Top-Rated support app, the My Spectrum App. WiFi Pods also allow Mobile customers to extend Spectrum Speed Boost coverage to experience quicker downloads and smoother streaming throughout the home. 

How Do You Use Spectrum WiFi Pods?

It’s easy to place the Pods in different floors and/or rooms to meet your specific connectivity needs. To enjoy whole home coverage, simply plug the Pods into appropriate electric outlets in your home, before naming and monitoring their activity via the My Spectrum App.

Get Spectrum WiFi Pods for Your Home

Spectrum WiFi Pods cost just $3.00/mo per Pod – Spectrum Advanced WiFi required, limited to 5 Pods per Spectrum account. The WiFi extenders are available via professional installation or through home shipment for self-install.

Enhanced by the best-in-class security and simple network management features of Advanced WiFi, complete control over your home WiFi network. And if you don’t have Spectrum Internet yet, view our Internet plans to find the right setup for your home. 


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