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What is WiFi Calling?

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You know that one room in your house that barely gets cell service? The call quality drops, or you lose the signal completely. Spotty cellular service is a fairly common problem, but it’s one that WiFi calling can solve. WiFi calling is a feature that allows you to make and receive calls over a WiFi network if cellular service is weak or unavailable. 

Let’s explore how and when to use WiFi calling on your smartphone. 

How to Set Up WiFi Calling

Wondering how to set up WiFi calling? Fortunately, it’s a simple process because modern smartphones come with WiFi calling built in. You can turn on WiFi calling in your phone’s Settings menu or in the Phone app, although the exact steps depend on the type of device you are using. Look for options like Network & Internet, Cellular, Connections or similar terminology. From there, you can turn on WiFi calling.

Once you set up WiFi calling, you can make WiFi calls the same way you'd make a typical phone call. Certain carriers let you choose between WiFi calling as your default way of placing a call or have your phone automatically switch to WiFi calling when service is poor. 

WiFi Calling on iPhone

If you have a carrier that supports WiFi calling and an iPhone 5c (2013) or newer model, you can make WiFi calls on your iPhone. Here’s how to turn it on:

1.       Navigate to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling

2.       Then use the toggle switch to turn on “Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone”

3.       Once available, you will see “Wi-Fi or “Wi-Fi calling” next to your carrier’s name in the status bar of your iPhone.

Keep in mind that you can also set up WiFi calling through your iPad or MacBook. Just connect your device through your iPhone to start making WiFi calls. 

WiFi Calling on Android

Setting up WiFi calling on an Android phone is also straightforward, although the specific steps will differ depending on your phone’s manufacturer. 

Here’s how to set up WiFi calling on Google Pixel phones:

1.       Navigate to Settings > Network and Internet > Calls & SMS

2.       Tap on the “Wi-Fi Calling” option, then toggle on “Use Wi-Fi Calling”

3.       You’ll see “Wi-Fi Calling” next to your carrier’s name in the expanded notification shade when your Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi Calling is on 

Other Android phones, such as Samsung, have WiFi calling settings in the Phone app. Here’s how to find it:

1.       Open the Phone app, tap the triple-dot icon at the top right, then tap “Settings”

2.       Tap “Wi-Fi Calling” and toggle it on

3.       You’ll see “Wi-Fi Calling” next to your carrier’s name in the expanded notification shade on your Android phone when Wi-Fi Calling is on

When to Use WiFi Calling

Because WiFi calls are usually included in your mobile voice calling plan, they should count the exact same as regular calls. Remember that WiFi calling won’t lock you into only making calls through an Internet WiFi connection. Instead, it lets your phone automatically switch to WiFi or cellular service – whichever has the better signal. 

Here are a few more reasons to keep WiFi calling enabled:

·       Spotty cell service – If you have a “dead spot” in your home or office, WiFi calling is a great option to make sure your call quality stays strong. Usually, you’ll get a stronger signal from your nearby Internet WiFi connection than a cellular phone tower, which is probably miles away from your location. 

·       International traveling – When you're traveling internationally, you can use WiFi calling to avoid international roaming charges. To make sure you're only making WiFi calls, use Airplane Mode and WiFi. Calls over WiFi will drop when you're out of range of the network when Airplane Mode is on.

·       It comes with your phone – There’s no need to install an app to use WiFi calling because it’s already built into your smartphone. Unlike other WiFi calling apps that need to be installed, you don’t have to take up the limited storage space on your phone to use it. 

Should You Keep WiFi Calling on All the Time?

To make sure you get the best possible signal during mobile phone calls, keeping WiFi calling on is a good idea. If you are using a public WiFi network (at a cafe or hotel, for instance), the network’s signal strength might not be as strong as at your home. But most phones will automatically switch to whichever connection has the stronger signal – WiFi or the cellular network. 

If you have Spectrum Mobile™ and are in an eligible location, you can take advantage of Speed Boost when making WiFi calls outside your home. 

Is WiFi Calling Free?

Wondering about free WiFi calling? WiFi calling usually comes with your carrier’s mobile calling plan. WiFi Calling is included with all Spectrum Mobile plans at no extra cost. However, depending on the WiFi network you connect to, you might incur WiFi access fees. Mobile phone voice calling uses about 1 MB/minute of data. A 1-minute video call typically uses about 6-8 MB of data.

Turn On WiFi Calling

The WiFi calling feature should be built into your mobile phone, and you can scroll up to find step-by-step instructions for turning on WiFi calling on iPhone and Android phones. 

If you are still having trouble enabling WiFi Calling, follow these steps:

1.       Make sure you're connected to a WiFi network and your connection is strong

2.       Verify that your device has the latest software and carrier settings

3.       Contact your phone carrier to get support. For further assistance with Spectrum Mobile WiFi Calling, visit our Troubleshooting Spectrum Mobile WiFi Calling page

Turn Off WiFi Calling

Once you’ve turned on WiFi calling, it’s simple to turn off. Just go back to your phone’s Settings or the Phone app, navigate to WiFi Calling, then toggle the feature from “on” to “off.” 

WiFi Calling with Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum allows WiFi calling; it’s included with all Spectrum Mobile phones and plans at no additional cost. Spectrum Mobile WiFi Calling is a great option if you have weak cell service in your home or office, if you often travel internationally. 

All Spectrum Mobile plans include nationwide 5G access with no extra fees. Explore our plans today! 

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