Keep Your Family Connected and Save

Start your Mobile Family Plan with Unlimited Plus featuring FREE Anytime Upgrade: the freedom to upgrade your phone ANY time, for ANY reason, as many times as you want. 

Add Unlimited Plus with Anytime Upgrade for just $25/month per line for 12 months when you add two lines.

Upgrade Your Phone, ANY Time with FREE Anytime Upgrade

Select an Unlimited Plus data plan with FREE Anytime Upgrade so you can upgrade your phone, ANY time, as many times as you want. Shop Now

Build Your Custom Family Plan

Buy one Unlimited line for $29.99/month and get a second line FREE for 12 months – that’s only $15/month each! Plus, mix and match monthly plans for a family cell phone plan that fits everyone’s needs. No added taxes,
No hidden fees and No contracts.

  • $5/GB after the first GB
  • Share data with up to 10 lines
  • Pay for the data you use
  • Switch to Unlimited or Unlimited Plus anytime for more data
  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 30 GB)
  •  NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 5 GB)
  • 5G nationwide access included
  • Switch to Unlimited Plus anytime
  • Additional lines available for $29.99/mo each
  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 50 GB)
  • FREE Anytime Upgrade with unlimited phone upgrades, whenever you want
  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 10 GB)
  • Free roaming in Mexico and Canada
  • Additional lines available for $39.99/mo each

Choose the Phone That Fits You

Whether you keep your current phone or shop for a new one, the choice is yours when you switch to Spectrum Mobile.

Bring Your Own Device

Keep your own phone, tablet or smartwatch and save. It’s easy to make the switch with dedicated support along the way.

Trade In Your Device and Save

Ready for a new phone? Trade in your current phone and get the value of your trade-in + an extra $100 toward your new device. 

Switch Your Family to Spectrum Mobile

It’s easy to get started. Choose a device, then pick your Spectrum Mobile plan. See how much you could save.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can build a personalized family phone plan by selecting a data plan for each family member. Combine Unlimited plans with By the Gig plans to give each family member the right amount of data each month.

Yes. Spectrum Mobile’s family phone plans are flexible, month-to-month plans with NO contracts, so you can make changes anytime.

At Spectrum Mobile, you will build a personalized Mobile Family Plan that suits the unique needs of your family. 

Spectrum Mobile Family Plans can include up to 10 lines.   

For a limited time, when you add one or more Unlimited Mobile lines to your Spectrum Mobile account, you get a second Unlimited line FREE for 12 months. When you take advantage of this offer, you save $29.99/mo for 12 months. Limit of one free line per account.

Adding multiple By the Gig data plans to your Spectrum Mobile family plan is another great way to save money. Each By the Gig line starts with 1 GB and the data is shared between all By the Gig lines in your family phone plan, so you only pay for the data your family uses. 

There are several ways to add lines to your Spectrum Mobile cell phone plan. Log in to your account online at Spectrum.net. Scroll down to the “Your Services” section and click  “Add Service” under the Mobile phone icon. Next, follow the prompts to choose your device and data plan.

You can also add a Mobile line using the My Spectrum App. Simply open the app, tap the “Services” icon at the bottom of the screen, then select “Add Mobile Service.” From here, you can shop for a cell phone and data plan.

If you prefer to add Mobile line in person, find a Spectrum store near you that features Spectrum Mobile (be sure to bring a valid form of identification with you, such as a driver’s license or passport).

The most affordable Family Plans at Spectrum Mobile include By the Gig data plans, just $19.99/mo for the first GB and $5/GB after the first GB. However, phone plans with Unlimited data are a better value for family members who use more than 3 GB of data per month. Take advantage of this incredible offer on Unlimited Data plans - add an Unlimited line for $29.99/month and get your second line FREE for 12 months or get an Unlimited Plus line for only $10 more per month per line.