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What Is Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost?

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Spectrum Mobile Speed Boost is a new feature available exclusively to Spectrum Mobile customers. When connected to Spectrum Advanced WiFi in homes or Spectrum WiFi access points while on-the-go, Spectrum Mobile devices get faster connections through Speed Boost.

Keep reading to learn how Spectrum’s WiFi and Mobile services work better together to provide the fastest wireless speeds. 

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Benefits of Spectrum Speed Boost

Spectrum Speed Boost offers faster speeds for Spectrum Mobile customers both in and out of their home:

  • Out-of-Home WiFi: In over 500,000 Out-of-Home WiFi locations that include sporting venues, strip malls and small businesses, Spectrum Mobile customers now automatically connect to the secure Spectrum Mobile Service Set Identifier (SSID) and receive fast speeds with Speed Boost. 
  • In-Home WiFi: When connected with Spectrum Advanced WiFi, customers can get faster speeds, delivering quicker downloads, load times and a faster connection for video-chatting. Speed Boost-ready mobile devices will auto-connect to Speed Boost via the secure, private Spectrum Mobile in-home SSID. And when your guests with Spectrum Mobile visit, their mobile devices will automatically receive Speed Boost on a separate secure Spectrum Mobile SSID.

Get Speed Boost with Spectrum Advanced WiFi

Spectrum Mobile is faster with Speed Boost. Through integrated WiFi and cellular service, Spectrum Mobile customers can experience increased speeds when connected to Spectrum WiFi access points at home and on-the-go.

To get Speed Boost in your home, you can pair a Speed Boost ready Spectrum Mobile device with Spectrum Advanced WiFi for just $7 per month. Better yet, Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line are FREE for 12 months with Spectrum One.

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