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Why Bundle Cell Phone and Internet?

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People have been bundling Internet with other services for years. Bundling Internet and mobile services with the right provider can improve your Internet speed, mobile connection and coverage while delivering other benefits to your household. 

The biggest question about bundling is often, will a cell phone and Internet bundle save you money? When you choose Spectrum, you could save over $400 with Spectrum One – FREE Advanced WiFi and a FREE Unlimited Mobile line are included for 12 months when you add Internet. 

Learn more about if bundling is right for you and what bundling options are available from different providers. You’ll also see how you can save with the Spectrum Mobile™ and Internet bundle, plus all the benefits Spectrum One delivers.

Is Bundling Internet and Mobile Right for You?

When searching out the right bundle, it’s wise to find one that fits not only your price range, but also provides additional benefits to make your life better. Below are the main factors worth your consideration: 

  • Price – It’s no secret that bundling services should save you money. Be sure to read the fine print when considering a specific offer.
  • Speed – Ensure the speed tier you have in mind will be enough to power all the connected devices in your home. Spectrum One offers affordable pricing with speeds up to 1 Gbps to meet all your connectivity needs.
  • Mobile coverage – Make sure the mobile provider you choose gives you the mobile coverage and connection quality your whole household needs. Spectrum Mobile offers nationwide 5G plus the fastest wireless speeds when combined with WiFi, giving you an overall better mobile experience.
  • Reliability – Not all Internet connections are created equal, so be aware of “5G home Internet” providers that aren’t guaranteed to provide your home with consistent speeds during peak traffic times. On the other hand, Spectrum Internet® offers 99.9% Internet reliability, giving you bandwidth when you need it most.
  • Extra benefits – Some bundles come with added benefits. When you are comparison shopping, keep an eye out for extra services or features that could make a difference for your home. For example, Spectrum One includes FREE Advanced WiFi for 12 months, bringing your home’s connected devices improved speed, security plus simple network management.  

What Do I Get When Bundling with Spectrum?

Spectrum One offers more than just a discount. For just $49.99/mo for 12 months, Spectrum One includes high-speed Internet, FREE Advanced WiFi and a FREE Unlimited Mobile line – plus additional features included at no extra cost. 

Below is a breakdown of all the benefits you can enjoy with Spectrum One:

Reliable Internet Speed

Spectrum Internet delivers fast, reliable speeds you can count on. And with Spectrum One, you can get speeds from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gig (wireless speeds may vary). 

Advanced WiFi

Advanced WiFi gives you complete control over your home WiFi network. With enhanced network protection through Security Shield, auto-optimized connectivity to support speeds up to 1 Gbps plus simple network management with the My Spectrum App, Advanced WiFi provides a faster, safer connection at home. 

Unlimited Mobile

Get unlimited talk, text and data with nationwide 5G access with your free Unlimited line included with Spectrum One. With Spectrum Mobile, you can bring your own device or trade-in your current one. Plus, you can add more lines to your plan at any time. 

Speed Boost

Because Spectrum services are designed to work better together, you can get even faster mobile speeds through Speed Boost when your Spectrum Mobile device connects to Advanced WiFi – both at home and on-the-go via Spectrum WiFi access points found across the nation. 

Bundle with Spectrum One: Our Best Deal Yet

Can you bundle cell phone and Internet with Spectrum? Absolutely. And when you could save over $400 with Spectrum One with FREE Advanced WiFi and Mobile for 12 months with Auto Pay, bundling with Spectrum is a great option. Shop Spectrum One

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