“I like the mobile service. I have no complaints. Great coverage, competitive plan pricing and great selection of devices.”

Hank M., Alabama


Spectrum Mobile Customer Reviews 2024

See What Our Customers Are Saying

People who have made the switch to Spectrum Mobile enjoy reliable service at a great value – check out what our customers are saying once they’ve tried it. Switch today for a better way to Mobile!

Spectrum Mobile Rated by Real Customers

Value for the Money

4.25/5 stars

“The pricing is good. I moved away from my other Mobile provider after almost 30 years because, as an existing customer, I was getting their highest price. Also, Spectrum’s onboarding was relatively painless for my 5 phones — the Spectrum Mobile app is very intuitive and well-designed.”

Matt H., Georgia – 2024

“Switched from Verizon Wireless to Spectrum Mobile with no drop in quality and a great, lower price.”

George C., Hawaii – 2024


“Have been very impressed with the service thus far and a fraction of what we were paying with Verizon. The value is amazing.”

Tracy L., Wisconsin – 2024

“Service is great, and the price is much better than my old provider. I highly recommend Spectrum Mobile. I had Verizon for more than 20 years. I switched to Spectrum and my service is as good, if not better, for $27 less a month.”

Ken A., California – 2024


“Spectrum is less expensive than my previous carrier. There’s savings on phone plans with a wide variety of phones.”

Lori M., New York – 2024

“Great value for coverage versus paying high dollar for cellular service from major carriers.”

Randall R., Ohio – 2024


Choose From Three Affordable Plans

Select from three simple plans designed to save you money. Mix and match plans for your entire family. Take advantage of nationwide 5G access with no extra fees. See the savings yourself!

  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 30 GB)
  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 5 GB)
  • NO contracts, added taxes or hidden fees
  • Additional Unlimited lines for $29.99/month each
  • Unlimited talk, text and data (reduced speeds at 50 GB)
  • FREE Anytime Upgrade with the freedom to upgrade whenever you want
  • NO fees for mobile hotspot data (reduced speeds at 10 GB)
  • FREE roaming in Mexico and Canada (reduced speeds at 5 GB)
  • Additional Unlimited lines for $39.99/month each

Reliable Coverage

4.10/5 stars

“I switched from T-Mobile to Spectrum Mobile, and I’m so glad I did! I have Excellent service with y’all.”

Jessica R., Texas – 2024

“So far Spectrum is as good as it gets. I have not lost mobile service in places that I used to lose service.”

Michael W., Mississippi – 2024


“All works well with no problems. My service has been more reliable than T-Mobile.”

Christine D., Florida – 2024

“Spectrum Mobile works as good as my Verizon service, and the reception is somewhat better.”

Sheila H., Alabama – 2024


“I don’t see any difference from my previous provider. It’s really good, reliable service. Thank you, Spectrum!”

Giovanni F., California – 2024

“The phone plans are very good for the reliable service and coverage. Verizon service is exactly the same but more money.”

Jen H., Texas – 2024


Ease of Activation/Set Up

4.08/5 stars

“I’ve had zero issues with Spectrum and the price is right for my tight budget. Easy set up, great deal and the right price. So far so good, no connectivity issues.”

Jonni S., Michigan – 2024

“So far I’m happy with the service. Everyone that helped me switch over from another carrier were very helpful and knowledgeable. They made the process very easy.”

Virginia L., North Carolina – 2024


“The customer service was excellent. The agent who set me up was fast, efficient and most respectful of my situation. Very helpful!”

Paula C., South Carolina – 2024

“Spectrum has come through with ease for me! All my questions are readily explained and extremely helpful.”

Geri B., California – 2024


“Very easy to switch from Verizon to Spectrum for cell phone service. I actually spoke with a live person who was very helpful and found the solution to my concern.”

Patricia D., North Carolina – 2024

“Switching to Spectrum Mobile was seamless to set up.  I never had to actively call anyone for help. Every step was handled through a chat or online text. I totally made the decision to purchase and signed the paperwork online with no issues. That's impressive.”

Thomas E., Michigan – 2024


Try Spectrum Mobile For Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrum One includes home Internet and a free year of both Spectrum Advanced WiFi and an Unlimited Mobile line with your Spectrum cell phone plan. With Spectrum One, you’ll get high-speed Internet, Advanced WiFi and a Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line – all for one unbeatable price. Spectrum Mobile is exclusive to Spectrum Internet customers.

5G is the next generation of wireless technology for mobile phones delivering the fastest and most reliable connectivity. You can see your area’s 5G service in the Spectrum Mobile coverage map. Find access to fast, reliable connectivity around the country on an expansive, award-winning network.

Spectrum Mobile has no contracts, no added taxes or hidden fees and you can make plan changes any time you need.

If your current phone is unlocked and compatible with the Spectrum Mobile network, you can transfer your mobile service to a Spectrum Mobile plan. To find out if your device is compatible with the Spectrum Mobile BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, visit our BYOD Check Compatibility page.

When purchasing a new Spectrum Mobile device, you can enroll in the Spectrum Mobile Device Payment Plan and pay for the total cost of the device over 36 payments, which will be included on your bill each month. Once you’ve completed all the payments, the device is all yours. Spectrum Mobile carries the latest, most in-demand devices.